Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home again

Sunday morning, it is gray and cool, November and I sit here doing my favorite Sunday morning ritual.  I just finished my bowl of oatmeal and I am sipping my decaffeinated Earl Grey with milk, Sunday morning with Charles Osgood is on TV.  We are nestled in our little home, our shower, our bed, our kitchen, our little family.  We  had a scare over Harley while we were in Key West, but all was resolved quickly and everyone is happy and together again. 
Key West

We had not even started packing and were rethinking leaving.  The wind blows constantly at this time of year.  I remember the winds in Key West when I lived here, but when you get downtown with all the tall buildings and trees it is a cool gentle island breeze.  Nothing like the wind blowing the palm frond and mangroves along the edge of the island.  And before we left this lovely garden of Eden, the Weather Chanel was warning of freeze here at home.  There was nothing we could do about the freeze, so........well, maybe we should just spend a few more days.......

But with all that Key West has, it is more than we want. 
More people
More colorful people of talent
but that only draws in more people
The weather was hot and humid and
We would hop on our bikes and take a little ride down town and the weather was perfect. 
The breeze, sunshine, blue skies and glorious water moderating the temperature of the isle of bones
It is not for everyone, the humidity was 84 - 98%
and in the winter when temps drop into the 50s and 60s and the wind blowing 10 -25 knots
it feels very cold

But to be so relaxed in our little trailer on Trumbo Point, a little separated from lots of people, was heaven in this paradise
And we loved it there

Sunset rides over to the Half Shell Raw Bar for happy hour.  We ate conch fritters and calamari every night.  Some nights we would have shrimp or oysters.  The mangrove snappers, parrot fish, Sargent Majors and giant tarpons eating the morsels we dropped over the rail.  Bug said the snappers were just taunting him.  The sun was warm on my back, but the breeze, the glorious breeze bringing all the smells of Key West at sunset would swirl around all the life in, on and around this island.  heaven

We relaxed and rode our bikes.  We would hit a mandatory spot or two.  We ate breakfast in our own kitchen, hit happy hour, and other then that, we didn't worry about it.  I bought two pairs of Kino sandals, one brown, one blue.  They are the earliest style I remember.  Simple, comfortable and inexpensive.  Perfect.

The last day of the races it was windy, again.  The race was held up for half an hour, which we finally heard on a radio because of marine life.  This could be dolphins, manatees or turtles.  Helicopters ride over the race course looking for marine life.  Between the week of the races, wind, manatees, dolphins and now turtles on the last day had disrupted the race.  First there was a herd of turtles that had to be escorted off the course.  They thought they were set, but turns out one turtle refused to leave and would simply dive to the bottom and then pop back up in the same exact spot.  The race would be called off or they would have to move one turn.  As difficult as moving the buoys would be this is a world champion race and they were going to run this last day of racing.  The last day was quite exciting, sort of.  There were four classes of boats running the last race of the last day.  The first to cross the start line were two turbine boats, the next class were the fastest boats without turbines, then the next fastest, closed cabin class, and the last to leave the start were the boats that are open so you can see two bright helmets bobbing and jerking as the boats shoot by us.  One of the turbine boats caught on fire and did not complete the race.  Bug has photos showing them using their helmets to pour salt water on the motor, no other choice.  For over all points in the title, all the other boat had to do was complete the course.  It did not.  Just all of a sudden it just stopped and sat there.  They had to have two boats pull it out of the way of the course.  Another one flipped over, no one was hurt, but it was very dramatic with divers leaping off the piers and out of helicopters.  They had to drag the boat in upside down and flip it over at the cranes that pull these monsters out of the water and deposit them on their trailers.  All the trailers, the tractors pulling them, the back up vehicles all painted to match the star of the show, the boats.  No, boats is not the correct word for these giant hybrids of boat, plane, rocket and motor.  All in all only 4 boats survived the day.  No one, including marine life were hurt in relation to the super boats world championship races.  They were exciting and the more we learned about the rules and how the game is played it became even more fun.  A great way to spend three days in Key West.

But now it was time to go home.  We missed home and our little family.  We managed to get the boat out fishing twice.  We didn't stay too long the second time because of the wind and chop.  The first trip he caught a 4 foot nurse shark.  We are much clearer on the size after going to the aquarium where they feed sharks that looked just like his, size and all.  I loved all the iguanas stretched out on the docks, sea walls and mangroves sunning themselves.  They were bright colored oranges, green and blue.  They were magical and appeared to be social hermits, tolerating their neighbors, but not really interacting other then as needed.

We made sure we got in all the required photos and places to go, but there were just too many people and we longed to be here where it is quiet. We took advantage to ride the bikes over most of the island.  We did not go up to the A1A side of the island, the wind was not fun to ride in.  I have not ridden my bike in a very long time.  It felt wonderful stretching my legs in the sun and getting to places on our own.  We felt like we belonged in this climate, this way of life, but we have so many places and things we love in our life.  It felt good to come and visit, but time to go home.

We packed quickly on Wednesday and got out much earlier then we had planned.  The bed was not comfortable and small, we longed for our own bed at home.  It made it through the Keys and into Homestead around noon, so we thought lets go a little further.  But as the roads filled with more and more cars, we just wanted to get far enough away to leave all the people behind.  We didn't stop for fuel until Ellenton, near my home town.  I was dressed in Key West clothes, light cotton wrap around skirt and a light weight sleeveless sweater, and the lightest of all possible sweaters.  Opening the doors of the truck the cold was shocking to the system that had adjusted just fine to Key West's warm climate.  We left the keys in the upper 70s and now it fell to upper 40s and low 50s. 

Have I ever mentioned that I am not found of cold weather.  Cold weather as in under 70 degrees.

We made it to Spat's and I could not go any further.  This is a first for me.  I packed the kitchen and cleaned up and packed things from the house, but he loaded the bikes and the back of the truck, hooked up and secured the Ms K, and then packed the inside of the truck.  He had driven the whole way and I know he tried as hard as he could to get me home, we were both unable.  We had not slept well on the bed at Trumbo point.  We had been very active during the day walking, riding the bikes, out on the boat, and in the sun on the pier for the races.  We also ate and drank differently than when we are home.  All in all our spirits were soothed and our physical bodies realized that we were tired.  Very, very tired.  We got to Spat's and with in an hour I was down for the count.  I was as tired as I have ever felt.  And I laid on the bed, and did not have the ability to walk to the bathroom, help get my bag or help to secure our belongings.  I did not even have the energy to get my meds and take them.  I hurt and my body just stopped moving.  I laid there with my mind aware of how tired I was, but as usual my mind was not repentant for wearing myself out.  The colors and light of Key West filled my mind.  Music and the sound of water slapping against boats quieted me.  And as I laid there remembering the happiness of being there, I had no regrets for the consequence of my action.

My darling husband took care of me and I slept that night, the sleep that I had been denied in the very small bed.  I was still too tired to move, so the guys went out to the hunting area and put out corn and sat in tree stands and do whatever people do when they go hunting.  They came back feeling successful with the time they had spent that day.  I was anxious to be home, but it was wonderful getting to spend time with this long time friend.  We made it home leaving early the next morning and since we have been here I have pretty much been resting.  I feel like a sloth, but I am paying more attention to what I feel.  I am bad about not noticing discomfort and instead clench my jaw and pretend that I am fine.  Resting has been good for many reasons.  And really what a wonderful life I have.  I got to go play in the Keys with my honey and now I am home and have the ability to rest and take it easy.

I did go to see Arsenic and Old Lace last night at the Monticello Opera House.  Carolyn, Mary, Rich, Jan and I all sat together on one row.  A row of Stage Company old timers.  It doesn't seem that long ago when we were the new comers to the company.  Judy, the Director, sat behind us.  It was wonderful.  I love that play.  I love the silliness, the cleverness, the story as it unravels through the night.

The cast was perfect.  Everyone blended very believably in their parts, and it was a beautiful community theater production.  Let me clear here, I find that one of the greatest compliments.  Our community over flows with talent, seriously, musicians, actors, artist, of all mediums, chefs, dancers, singers, seriously, this is an amazing community.  It seems like there is a never ending turn over of the actors and companies.  But that doesn't always mean that to fit the right person into a part might not be challenging and require the adaption of the script.  That is part of the magic of community theater.  We had two young ladies on the crew who have been part of cast and crew for many play on that gorgeous stage.  I heard wonderful things about what a wonderful job they did and captured the hearts of the rest of the cast and crews.  I am so very proud of these two young woman. 

It was closing night, and I was sitting in a row with my friends.  Friends that I have shared the stage with before. Friends that I love as much now as I did when we were more in each others lives.

The cast were happy and easy and natural.  It is a fun play, and the cast seemed to enjoy each other and the script and had become a family from a play.  One of my most favorite families of all those I hold in my heart.  When a cast clicks together and enjoys playing with each other and form that bond that sees us through each rehearsal and performance, opening night and closing night, contagious viruses and time constraints.  And yet as we sat there in the audience watching this performance it was fun, it was funny, it was well acted and was wonderful.  Simply, marvelously wonderful.  I loved all the characters, the timing felt smooth, the playing was real.  These people were enjoying every moment.  And so did we in the audience.  Job well done everybody!!!  I loved being there, I loved watching friends and new members alike dance across the boards I love so much. 
A perfect night with loved ones
doing something I love

My Sweetie happy at home with college football streaming across the TV
Immersed back into the community I love so very much.
Happy from our time gone
Happy from seeing my friends from my young life
Happy from being at a place that I was young once
Happy from spending time with my family

life moves on
I appreciate the time I have with my family
I appreciate the time I have here quietly at Labrun

Today was garden club.  I love going to garden club, and this is the November meeting where we string popcorn, share wine and food.  We talk and enjoy each other's company.  I love this meeting.

Carolyn called to give me a little boost to go.  I really appreciated it, but I pushed it too far already, and now I must rest.  It could be thought as my "punishment" for living my life as if I would live forever.  I don't think of  it as punishment, but as another opportunity to accomplish other tasks.  I have straightened up the house, baked beer bread, caught up on the wash, spent time with my chickens and dogs.  I have left my quiet to attend a play.  A play I wanted so much to see.  A play that more then filled my expectations on every level.  I enjoyed sitting in the dark and laughing with precious friends, and I was happy to get back home, close the gate and slip once again into a quiet place that I can relax and heal.

I have chosen this life and this approach to my life, be considerate of both, spirit and body.  Choices give you knew choices, choose your "consequences" from your actions.  They could be challenges, or wonderful.  Maybe more based on how grateful I am for being aware of the life I have had and the life I am living.  The future will unroll each day.  I am focusing on all the happiness I have shared in my life. 

We are home.

I have hugged and seen some very precious people, and there are others I miss and will see soon.

We are home, and the animals seem very happy to see us.

Life is about home again
about healing
and laughing
and coming home


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  1. I didn't even realize you were there! I was pretty anxious to get out that makeup, so I didn't come out for a few minutes. I appreciate the kind words. Your two girls did a great job.