Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, November 24, 2013

From inside it looks glorious outside

What a glorious week it has been.  I am slowly getting myself back up and going.  As the cold is roaring toward us, Key West pops up more and more in our conversations.  Friday we took the boat out to Shield's but took out for a little trip until we left here there in their competent care.  The clouds cleared and made way for a little sun.  It was cool, but comfortable.  I heard our breathing slow and relax as we putted up the St. Marks, Bug casting along the edge as we crept along.  We turned around and then headed to the Riverside Café for lunch.  I had the grouper sandwich, one of my favorites there, and fat and satisfied, we hopped back in Ms K and headed out to the gulf. 

The sky was filled with dark, thick gray clouds.  Clouds dropping rain in Tallahassee and Jefferson County.  Here the sky was that cloudy gray where all you see is Gray.  As we came around to where the St. Marks meets the Wakulla we had second thoughts.  The wind had picked up and it was choppy.  With the threatening clouds behind us, we thought twice about what the gulf might be like.  We decided to just head out a little way, we would turn around if it was too much.    But as we cleared the mangroves and started weaving between markers the water calmed down to a gray slick.  We slowed down and sat in the stillness.  Birds were clustered on sandbars on marker tops.  Seagulls bobbed in the water, young loons, still mottled as the sky and water was, called out their plaintive cry.  It was hard to see where the line of the horizon was because everything was the same color, slick, smooth and lovely.  We sat out there just being a part of the still.  A world with no apparent time or dimension.  Just a space of quiet. 

We finally turned back towards the rivers and slipped gently out of this magical place and to head home.  We left the Ms K there at Shield's where she will be kept safe and dry and be all ready when we need her again.

A quiet evening at home and Saturday morning we woke and decided before the weather gets too cold, lets take the red Harley out for a ride.  We bundled up and headed north, first stopping at Wag The Dog before taking back roads up and around Georgia.  We stopped at a home builder in Thomasville and walked through the models.  We are trying to figure out what to do.  Our little trailer is falling down around our ears.  No that is not much of an exaggeration.  Bug has already had to replace 6 square feet of floor at the front door, and rebuild the walls around the door.  The back door is getting to the point where a decision will have to be made.  Put more money in an aging trailer, or do we look for other options.  Should we make the big move and find a place with a few more acres?  Do we replace the trailer we already have with another place?  What about all the plants I have around the trailer now?  They would all have to be dug up.  Or do we put a place somewhere else on the property?  So much to think about and decide. 

All I know is I want to build my garden while I can still enjoy it. 

Next week is Thanksgiving and my big brother and his family will be with us.  I need to get together and start planning and shopping.  And the Moon's pre Thanksgiving party is Tuesday this year, not Wednesday, so that cuts down on preparation time.  Obviously the Moon's do most of the work, but one of my favorite things about cover dish parties is it is an opportunity to make something special that you love, but would not need for just two of us.  Maybe apple pumpkin bread or maybe apple pumpkin pecan cookies.  Oooooh, time with the Moons.  I am so looking forward to the evening.

We are still planning on spending Christmas in NJ.  I am feeling a little nervous because we have done very little to get ready for that, and I am not a last minute person.  I like to plan and do ahead. 

Bug's parents will be here sometime near the end of the year, or the beginning of the new year.  They have a contract on the loveliest house uptown, just behind the Avera-Clark B&B.  They have not actually seen the house in person, but we have sent them photos and Barry, our Agent is great, and everything seems to be moving along slowly. 

I am doing well.  My life is in a different place now.  One that recognizes when I do too much, or physically inconsiderate of my body.  If I carry too much weight, I hear about it through the night.  If I do normal things like a normal person, I need to sit and rest in between.  I am learning more about my kidneys and lymph nodes, lung and liver.  They all seem to call attention to themselves each day.  Weight does not make it to my face or arms.  Sleep comes in bursts at night interrupted by trips to the bathroom.  By 8pm I just give up and lay down to rest and read.  To try and lure sleep into my exhausted body.  I need to get outside for a little today to move plants into their winter homes.  It should be in the 30s sometime this week.
Thanksgiving is coming
There will be turkey and cranberries
sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
veggie casseroles of all descriptions
and family
and football
and quiet
I am thankful everyday
as I lay my head down each night I count my blessing
as I open my eyes each morning and see the new coming day
I am grateful for another day
whatever comes
I am still grateful for the opportunity to have the very best day ever


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