Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, August 30, 2013

home, sweet wonderful home

Tuesday morning, London, England time, Vick and I took a bus from our hotel to the airport, circling round and round through the city, picking up other passengers.  Then herded ourselves through Heathrow and flew across the deep blue Atlantic.  We survived customs without even a hiccup. Vicki changed planes, I waited at JFK, and hours Iater loaded on to a plane for my final destination for the day, Atlanta and my hone.  Vicki changed planes again in Detroit to head to  Indy, sister Bev waiting in the cell phone lot.  Vicki didn't get to bed until 3 am, which is more then 36 hours with out sleep, and worked the next day.  Bless her heart, I am exhausted, there is no way I could have walked 5 feet in a straight line, let alone drive.

Bug had gotten us a suite at the LQ not 10 minutes away.  It was lovely and open and comfortable.  When Bug opened the door there were a dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine, 2 glasses, some snacks, a card and two photos framed.  One photo from our honeymoon at the Suwanee Music Park, the other from a photo taken at the Cesar in Atlantic City.  We look so happy in both photos.  Such a wonderful sweet way to come home to. 

I am so lucky,  getting to visit Marty and Shelia, and then Susan, Jim and James, getting to spend time with the grand kids, then an amazing two weeks with my sister in England and Scotland.  Finally coming home to my sweet husband and his arms, sweeping me up with my suitcase and whisked me away to sleep.  Deep, wonderful blessed sleep, or I had hoped.  But I was zombified and slept restlessly until around 3am dozing a little more after 5am and finally getting up at 8am to have breakfast, that did not include Heinz beans.  We were on the road around 10am and just enjoyed being together again.  The miles just slipped by and by early afternoon we were in Thomasville, GA.  We had lunch at the Farmers Market.  A huge buffet with lots of veggies and home cookin', fried chicken, pork, chicken perloo, corn bread, peach cobbler, sweet tea, and lots and lots of country food. 

I was ready.  Vicki and I ate more traditional dishes from the areas we were in.  Our favorite was to have cheese, bread and scones for dinner.  I did have chicken Marsala once, but Indian restaurants are as common fish/chips.  I ate a traditional English breakfast each morning, but I was ready for Southern cookin'.  I was ready for American Pizza, and Chinese food is in my near future, but my first real meal back on American land was the Farmers Market, Thomasville, GA.  Oh yeah.

Today is Friday.  We got home from Atlanta on Wednesday.  I remember doing laundry, but other then that the rest of my time since getting home is a blur of exhaustion.  But today Bug drove me to JoAnn Fabric to buy pillowcases.  We bought a new rattan table for the TV in the living room, washed the car, enjoyed lunch together at the Red Elephant, picked up animal food at Wally World and then take Old St. Augustine Road home.  It is a canopied narrow two lane road running generally parallel to HWY 27.  It feels like you are way out in the country and swampy and just a little hilly and one of our favorite roads to enjoy together.

I have material for my latest projects, and some paper machie to make art, and serious focus on making the garden.

I am so happy to be back on this magical little place.  The property in Scotland is green and fairy like, magical and far away, this little place with my family simply a warmer version.

I missed my Bug, my Bob and Edna.  I missed my Henry, Stella and Luna, the Cabbit and wicked chickens, even the fish all named Bubba, Big bunny and all the other creatures that share this magical place with us.  I have new projects to work on, a garden to build.  I have trips yet to take with my honey, some books I would like to get read, a song to record, some writings to deal with, a play would be nice, and some crocheting/knitting to be done.  Projects that I can do at whatever speed I have once I start treatments.  I am ready.  I have time to rest, eat well, light exercise like walking and remember how amazing my life has been.  Come what comes, hair or no hair, feeling great or not, just hope that it does something, and side effects minimal. 

But before treatments will be Bug and my 6 month wedding anniversary coming up on the 9th.  Six months of living our lives fully and happily.  nice.  very very nice.

To this day I am still amazed at how wonderful life can be.  A life lived.  Lives shared for life times, lives shared once life is being fully lived. The working, planning, challenges and pulling myself back at up, always with the help of friends.  And still living and pushing my limits, and sharing moments that will be memories for life times.  Moments quiet and truly spent with loved ones.  Appreciating each moment, each joy, each challenge, exhausted from my last adventure nipping across the pond with Vicki, and looking towards the next adventure, but for now, quiet rest at home. 
Just a little more rest, and ease back into life. 
Rest and prepare for treatments so that we have the best chance
best chance
that is the story of my life
the best chance
anyone could have in life.
woo hoo!!!


  1. Welcome home, sweetie! So glad the trip was all you hoped it would be. See you soon.