Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, August 2, 2013


We have had some wonderful walks lately.  Yesterday we drove into Monticello and parked the toy at the court house square parking and walked down to the Chamber.  The Chamber building is a beautiful building.  It's previous life, it was a church, here is the link to the chamber 
We picked up one of their walking tour maps and headed back into to town and take our walk down town as we turned and twisted through the streets looking at houses.  Many of these houses we see regularly, but now to know a few lines of history about the house and the date it was built.  As we walked we traveled back and forth through history.  Houses from the 1840s up to today.  We took a walk through the old cemetery and looked at graves from the civil war, both confederate and union.  Some of the old graves from the original town folk are above ground in brick or cement graves.  Many of the brick ones are crumbling and falling apart.  It is quiet and peaceful.  The new cemetery is next door, but I understand that it is sold out, so they have started another one.  I heard through the Garden Circles that there are no trees or vegetation to speak of, so it will need some plantings.  We ended up at the Brick house Cafe.  Earlier this week we had eaten at the pizza kitchen.  Today we ate at the Rosemary Tree Cafe.  Monticello has several lovely places for lunch.  We try to eat at all the places downtown, but we will have to catch Tupelo's when we get back.

Today our walk was at Moody Air Force Base.  First we met with the lawyer and had our wills completed, then we went to the thrift store, the BX and the Commissary.  Military bases are a lot like schools.  You can do a lot of walking.  But I am getting ready to do a lot of walking, so it is nice to stretch and combine errands and a walk. 

I really haven't done anything to get ready.  I want to finish one more project, and this evening I will start packing.  One bag for the trip before the trip over the pond.  One bag, plus a carry on for the trip in the wild north.  I really do not plan on carrying very much.  We will have to carry our own luggage and we have a 12 minute change in Bristol.  My earlier memory of Bristol is quick changes that involved stairs.  The second time I had to pass through dear Bristol I was with my Dad, again, but this time with his girlfriend Marie.  Dad had back surgery like three months before the trip, and he was still wobbly.  Marie is not the most nimble of people either, bless her heart.  And she was so overwhelmed and exhausted by the time we got to England, and Dad had scheduled us either impossibly short changes or hours and hours.  The taxi drivers will take you on a tour of the cities, reasonably, and trustworthy in most cases.  You can tell those who aren't.  Anyway, I digress, going down the stairs in Bristol with like 6 minutes to run across the station, Dad slips and somehow ends upside down hanging onto the metal railing.  There was a lot of construction and noise and confusion and Marie, her arms loaded down with baggage froze.  There I am, pulling suitcases, carrying suitcases in my arms, on my back and I now have a 76 year old man hanging upside down, strapped into his back brace, he can not move and now Marie can not move.  Well, we made the train, it wasn't pretty, and I had to use a team of train employees to deal with the situation.  I need to go pack.  I need to make sure I am ready.  Vic called, she received her paperwork.  She is over the moon.  We leave Sunday for adventures before hand.  Maybe even an airplane ride in an airplane that Bug helped to build.  That would be so cool.  Maybe

My garden is just really starting to produce.  The veggies are getting big, cukes, tomatoes, eggplant, okra and beans.  The pepper are all blooming and the jalapenos are loaded down.  I keep finding beans that are like 22" long.  They are yard long, but I normally pick them closer to 18.  I did dig one potato plant.  I ended up with three new red potatoes.  The biggest was about 2" diameter, the next one I almost sliced in two, but it was about half the size of the first and the third, was half again as big.  I planted our potatoes really late, so I was not sure they would produce anything.  We will see when we get back if we end up with any taters.  After all, moles and voles love to eat potatoes, not to mention insects and all other kinds of creatures who enjoy roots. 

It was a lovely day.  Fog this morning.  It was pretty heavy but was just starting to clear up when we headed out this morning.  Now it is sunny and warm, but it didn't seem to get as hot as they predicted, fortunately.  It was just right.

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