Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sun is shining

The sun has come out for a few days.  It was sunny yesterday, only a little drizzle on us as we drove the toy, top down, home on Old St. Augustine Road. After Christopher got home from art camp we headed into Tallahassee.  It was Tuesday, Old people discount day at Goodwill.  Our favorite one is on Thomasville Road north of Bradforville Road.  We know several of the people there and they are always kind and helpful and have a smile on their face.  After finding a few things we could not live without, like a vacuum cleaner.   We have several light weight vacuums, that simply cannot handle the work here.  They are meant for people who are much kinder to their carpet then I am.  We may only have 2 dogs now, but there have been many large dog feet covered in mud and heebeegeebees.  Some stains just don't ever go away, and with the amount of hair shedding I am not able to make it through an entire room anymore with out it clogging on the hair, etc.  So I am thrilled with the "new" vacuum.

We had lunch at Panda Buffet, went to another Goodwill, a Wally World and then a beautiful drive home, all on back roads.  Most of those roads were canopied and with all the rain we have been getting everything is so green and thick, water almost to the road in many low areas.  Water, water everywhere.

For the next two days it is supposed to be sunny, then rainy again by the weekend.  After art camp today we will head back into the Capitol city to pick up mangoes and a hug from Geeta and then maybe to see a movie.

Well, need to run to get the boy to camp on time.  Happiness, joy and a feeling of peace still surrounds me. sigh, I love summer, with zebra wing butterflies and flowers, rain and sun.  A little slower time, filled with air so thick with humidity it is hard to see through sometimes.  sigh.  It is summer!

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