Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, July 26, 2013

A beautiful ride

The weather made up its mind today to be beautiful and shine its brightest.  A perfect day, finally to go out in the boat.  But we were both tired.  The sun shined and the sky was blue, we felt obligated to get out and enjoy the boat.  But we were both just tired.  I put away the guilt trip on myself and enjoyed a happy quiet morning at the house.  We grew restless in the house so put on our jeans and boots and took a ride on the Black and Silver.  This is the Heritage Soft tail, versus the black cherry one we take our longer trips on.  The weather was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  Bug took me down back roads I have never been on  Roads I didn't even knew existed.  We are a giant swamp up here now.  The weather has been in the mood for rain and the greenness and lushness of the area is gorgeous.  We were flying free today, no GPS, no map, just Bug's sense of direction and hard surface roads.  The water is almost across the roads in places.  As you look into the cool darkness on each side of the road you see cypress, knees sticking out of duck weed green water, and dark layers of green in the shadows behind the bright green of the cypress.  The temperature dipping and rising as the bike slipped down into a valley before riding up the hill back into the sun and warm temperatures.  The quiet, the peace of slipping through nature.  We saw  deer, raccoons and Kites, both Mississippi and Swallow tail Kites.

We stopped at the Wacissa river and joined the families camping, boating, sunning and swimming.  Smaller children wore blow up rings around their waists, older children looking over younger ones.  Two young boys were taking turns throwing a ball for a lab.  The lab was in heaven, boys, water and a ball.  There was a young mother sun bathing with her young daughter.  The mother had no hair.  I was so drawn to her and to ask her what had happened to her hair, but I didn't.  I am loathed to admit it, but I am bothered about the possibility of loosing my hair again.  I have been loving my hair lately.  It is fluffy and white, gray, brown, yellow, red and everything in between.  But it is my hair, and it is longer then my collar and now I might loose this.  Knowing this, I am still planning on coming home and trying to be prepared to have successful chemo treatments. 

I have wanted to be with Mary and Judy.  Mary leaves on Sunday for a magical trip with her oldest daughter to see her youngest daughter, her love and their new dog.  This weekend Ms Moon is spending time with the most precious Lon and Lis.  Love, love, love.  I need to get with Ms Lis myself when I get back to see if she and Lon will help me to record my lullaby.  I need to once again focus on a few things that would be nice to finish.  But sometime between now and my treatment I know that Mary and Judy and I will be together.  They were the ones who were here for the first two times, I need them to help me remember the positive things that came out of loosing or thinning hair.  If it was summer, of course, not having lots of heavy hair might be cooler, but this will be heading into fall and winter. hmmmm. I will save money on shampoo and conditioner.  Hats and I get along.  I mean, really, what am I going to do?  The doctor has a possibility, I will try it.  Who knows where this is taking us and for how long, but for now I went on an amazing ride today with my honey.  The weather was perfect, the roads here made for riding.  The gentle rolling and twisting of the roads between great oaks and farms of pine.  No traffic and a perfect world of green and water and animals as the bike roars and purrs into the curves and over the hills. 

The world seemed to be right again.  We will plan on going out on the boat this week.  There is one day that is supposed to be perfect boating weather.  The rest of the time it is supposed to rain.  We will watch and hopefully we are able to take advantage of the day to boat.  Lots coming up for both of us, and then before I realize it we will be heading north.  Bug and I will get to be grand parents.  Okay, Poppa and Miss Kathleen, but that works for me.  And then Vicki will be there and we will be in Great Britain.  Oh my, Great Britain.  Not just plans, but really doing it.  Past trips in planning involved a lot more countries, but this trip should be wonderful, and not too exhausting.  Yes, I have started to take things into consideration.  I can still travel and live adventures, just be reasonable.  It works for me.  It works.

The butterflies have started floating around the yard.  Swallow tails and sulfurs, zebra long wing, my favorite and the state butterfly of Florida and skippers, black ones, blue ones, yellow, orange, bright spots and stripes on these quiet peaceful creatures.  I find so much joy and peace in our yard.  I have loved working on projects in the barn these past two weeks with Christopher, and I am ready to finish a few more projects before we leave for our trip.  Lots of things to do, but I will get down what I can get done.  The rest, well, we will see what happens.  we will be back the second week of September, so it is no where near frost, so hopefully I will have time to prep the plants and gardens for fall and winter.  It is hard to make any guesses about weather anymore, the cold fronts already hitting the Midwest are taking temps to record lows in the 30s and 40s.  In JULY!!!!  The weather is something. 

Spent time holding on to my husband as we rode his black and silver bike the back roads of Jefferson County.  That is where we live.  The first time I saw the property I knew I belonged there.  The first time I stepped onto the small hot deck in Bokeelia that I belonged there.  I had that same confidence in that feeling here as I did now, and I was happy there, then.  And I am happy here and now. 
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