Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is is the last week in July already?

n What a wonderful weekend.  We took the black and silver out for ride Friday and yesterday, and Saturday we took a ride on the black cherry.  Three days in a row riding on the bikes!  Woohoo!  Saturday we stopped by for a quick hello at the Moon's.  Lon and Lis were just leaving for another gig, but I got to get a couple of hugs from each of them, and that is wonderful.  Glen took Bug out to look at his new lawnmower, it is one of those zero turn things, and could hear happy grunting from the men as they examined the mower.  Mary and I took a minute to quietly catch up.  She reminded me that it is up to me to decide whether or not to continue with the chemo.  Yes, I am, and I will listen to her suggestion and make sure that this next chemo treatment is a good idea.  But at this moment, I am planning on taking the chemo that Dr. May and the amazing and wonderful Dr. McCutie pie.  What I want to get together with Mary and Judy is not to put more on them.  No, they were my team and they helped me to get this far down the path.  No, I just need a little laughing time with those two healers.  I need to remember to laugh at the treatments again.  To remember the crazy things we came up with before to celebrate this insanity of pouring weapons of mass destruction into my veins. 

I have been pretty emotional again.  Maybe it is what the doctor told me, maybe it is the time of year, maybe I need an adjustment of my meds.  Or maybe I should just appreciate my emotions right now.  I am experiencing a renewed sense of creativity.  I keep seeing things differently.  Like someone has peeled away a film and the world seems clearer, smells sharper, light is filled with more color.  Several times on the bike things would come into this heightened reality.  It is almost like my glasses were out of alignment and magically they are sitting on my face correctly again, and the edge of blurriness is gone.  It is all a mystery to me these days, but I am enjoying it.

I picked up Vicki and my vouchers, tickets, itinerary, suggested train schedules and general useful information from my buddy, Bill at Adventures in Travel.  He did an amazing job setting this trip up and taking so much pressure off us on the trip.  Things are planned enough that we know were we are going most days.  Then there are days left open for our choices.  Hopefully during that time we will get to see Hadrian's wall, Stone Henge, Bath, Edinburgh, London and vista's from the train that will catch our breath.  I am so excited.  A long planned trip and it is coming into reality, finally.  We will have a wonderful time.  I am so glad we are going ahead and doing this instead of waiting any longer.  I feel great, but why take chances on such an important trip?!  We will fly out of NY on the 13th.  Bug and I will make a vacation out of our travels north, and time with the grand kids.  Then when I get back, we hope to be able to catch up with Susan and Jim and then have an adventure on our way home.  I love travelling.  I love my home and my garden, and my wicked chickens and dogs and cats and my fish, and even big bunny.  And I miss them terribly when I am gone, but I love travelling.  New places, familiar places, I love them both.

Monday Bug and I drove over to McClay Gardens and he filled out the paperwork, and got his disabled veterans pass to the Florida state parks.  This allows us to wave and/or reduce the costs associated with state parks.  We drove down to Lake Hall where the Tallahassee rowing club works out and watched summer camp kids carry the rowing boats.  I think they had 40 kids trying to carry one the other day, 20 on each side.  That is a long boat.  It was already noon and getting July muggy hot, so we took an abbreviated walk around the gardens.  I did get to see my friend Ginger who works there.  She told me that Isabelle had a party to celebrate her 80th birthday, and I missed it.  I would have loved to have gone, happy birthday Isabelle, gardener extraordinaire.

Today we drove down to Lake City to go to the VA clinic.  We were not able to get much accomplished there, but we did get to do some thrifting, and went to two state parks.  We went to Big Shoals SP and Stephen Foster SP.  We sat on the side of the Suwanee and watched the dark water swirl and flow past us.  At Stephen Foster we walked through the museum and back at the carillon tower.  We walked through the gift store and saw all the handmade goods.  Thrilled to have made the trip worthwhile we headed home to rest and take it easy. 

I finished my garden bench.  It is yellow.  Very yellow.  I wanted it to stand out in the garden, and I have no doubt it will.  I added a few little touches, some red spots, some green paint and a few blue dragonflies.  I hope to get a photo tomorrow when it is back in the garden.  It came out nice.  I enjoy playing at being artistic.  

Life is good
I am going to enjoy as many things as I can this summer
and then this fall after our trip,
I will make my garden

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