Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh Joy!!! Oh What happiness!!

Here I am in the land of wizards and Mickey and magic.  What an amazing place this area is.  Everywhere you look there is something over the top, every where you listen you here language and voices from all over the world.  And anything and everything you could ever dream of, shoot even everything you could never dream of is here. 

Susan, Linda, Annie and I are staying in a 2 bedroom suite not a mile from Old town, just 3 exits away from the Disney Village and a short hop and a skip to Universal and Disney World and all the other magical places.  The hotel room is unbelievably inexpensive.  It is not a luxury hotel, but it is just fine.  They have a free breakfast and a free happy hour by the pool and our little room is just perfect for the four of us.  But let me tell you, it would not matter where I was with these three woman they are my heart. 

Susan and Linda were best friends in college.  I think it was love at first site actually.  They have such a similiar sense of humor and are prefectly matched.  I was lucky enough to become the third one of our group because Susan and I were dating best friends, Bobby and Scott.  Hello Bobby and Scott!!!!  I am sure that you two are still friends, but I am sure that the two of you do not have half the fun that the three of us have.  And now to have Susan's daughter, Annie as part of our group, well, just tie a string to my ankle because I am so happy I could float up into the sky and just burst. 

Last night we went to the Bahama Breeze for dinner and had a nice meal.  It was not as good as Linda and I remember from eating at Bahama Breeze before, but when the three of us, now the four of us are together, we really don't care.  We came back to the room and were in bed by 11:00 and considering it has been 4 years since the four of us were all together, that is pretty amazing. 

This morning we went down to the free breakfast.  They had a man at the door asking your room number and the name it was under.  I thought, ooooh, this must be a great breakfast.  Ok, it was not.  But it was certainly adequate and it got us up and going.  We headed over with Linda at the wheel of her rental car that she got to drive us around, to the Disney Village.  Oh My Goodness!!!!!  This is like Las Vegas, like a movie, like a make believe place, Disney!!!  Everything is perfect, everything is there.  You name something you want to do, and I bet you can find here.  How about make a virtual roller coaster and make it anyway you want.  You can do that here.  Be a little girl and go into a beauty parlor and be made up to look like a real princess with the dress and the hair the makeup and the glitter.  You can do that here, well, if you are under 12.  Want to go up in a hot air balloon, yep, you can do that here.  Go shopping for anything in the universe, eat in world class restaurants like Wolfgang Puck.  It is here.  House of Blues?  here  Cirque de Solei?  here and on and on and on it goes.  Oh my.  I can tell you that I doubt seriously that I would ever come here if it had not been for these 3 most special and beloved friends.  But I am enjoying being here with them.  I did have a moment of panic in the Disney World store when I stopped to take a photo of a beanie hat with the little propeller on top for my friend who flies helectopters, and when I looked up I had no idea where the girls were.  I started moving through the store faster and faster and I felt the aniexty rising as the crowds were closing in on me.  So I stopped and pulled out my phone and called Susan.  She answered it with "We are in the jewelry department".  I practically ran there.  Linda found me on the way, and I was okay again.  But whew!  for a moment I was in my worst nightmare.  Crowds of people, inside a buidling, no sense of direction.  oh my.  but all was well soon.

I did get up this morning and do some yoga and that did help me to control the anxiety.  I also did not eat an ice cream cone before lunch, so that also helped with me not panicing.  Sugar does not help me to be stable or sane.  We had lunch at Uno pizza.  And I just have to say that was one of the finest, if not the finest piece of pizza I have ever put in my mouth.  I also had a salad made out of wheat berries, tomatoes and cukes, and it was so fresh and light and wonderful.  So I am eating well, getting out into the fresh air, and laughing constantly with these three dear ones.  What a wonderful time.

Tonight we will stay in the room, maybe get Publix subs.  They do not have Publix in Connitecut and Annie and Susan miss going to the store where shopping is a pleasure, and yes it is.  Then we will play Apples to Apples.  Should be a hysterical night.  Tomorrow bright and early we will be heading to Universal and Harry Potter World.  I am excited and anxious.  I think I will take an ativan in the morning, and maybe take the bottle with me, just in case it is crowded.  I am not good in crowds.  And I have a cold.  Day three of the cold, but it is amazing how well I am handling this cold.  Colds used to knock me on my butt and into bed, but I haven't had a real cold in a couple of years and this one, I am up and acting almost my normal self, so I am very happy about that.

Susan, Kathleen, Annie and Linda is behind the camera

The beanie hat that caused me to get lost

Well, that is all for now.  Just so happy, such joy, such happiness with three of my dearest best beloved friends. 

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  1. Being with college friends is so amazing. When I was in junior college in North Florida, Disney was just being built and my boyfriend was a roofer ~ in the summer! In the swamp of Orlando! It was definitely not the Orlando it is today!!!

    Keep on having fun and enjoying the magic!