Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Off to see the wizard

It is finally here!  I will be leaving  soon to jump in the toy, leave the top up for the first part of the journey.  It is cold here.  That kind of cold for this area where I prefer not to leave the house.  But today, well, today is different, I am off to see the wizard.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Opera House.  It was cold.  Normally I would never leave the house when it is barely in the 30s.  Are you kidding?  Have I ever mentioned that I loathe the cold?  Oh.  I have.  Well, I do loathe the cold.  So I put on a sweater I bought in Scotland made out of Merino and angora wools.  I put on my heavy wool coat and the soft pale blue scarf that Ms Moon made for me during a radio play.  I sucked up and pulled myself into itself as small and tight as I could and walked out the door.  The cold smacked my cheeks and I involuntarily sucked in a lung full of cold air.  Air that was barely 30 degrees.  My lungs revolted and I coughed the cold out.  Yes, I know there are people in this country dealing with temperatures in the single digits, with wind chills in the minus category.  I can't even imagine.  I have been in cold like that, and I have to say it was no more miserable for me, then yesterday morning.  I mean really, for this south west Florida girl, anything in the 30s or below I can not tell the difference.  And thank you for any invitations, I do not feel that it is necessary for me to try and experience anything colder.  Not willingly anyway.  I had wanted to live in Alaska for one year to experience the opposite climate from what I grew up with.  This was after riding across Alaska on the back of a motorcycle in July.  hee hee.  I woke up and realized, that no, I am not built for this experience, so I think I will stick to visiting Alaska in the summer.

Yesterday was just not the best of days.  Tuesday night my old Harry boy, my 13 year old lab was sick all night long.  From when I had laid down around 8:30 until about 5 am.  I was up and down with him all night.  I woke exhausted, and cold.  I turned the heater up for Harry as much as for myself.  His old lab bones ache and creek in the cold.  But I had said I would be at the Opera House to help get the mailings out for the upcoming Impersonator show, so I got in the toy, left the top snugly in place, pushed the button for the seat warmer and put the temperature up to 78 degrees and headed north on Highway 19.  First an oil change in my little toy to keep it purring as I head towards the wizard, then on to my beloved Opera House.  The Monticello Opera House (MOH) was built in 1890 by Mr. Perkins.  The theater is upstairs and downstairs today is a beautiful large banquet hall, a kitchen, hallways and odd spaces hidden under stairs and behind locked doors and a space where the office is now located.  The ceilings in the office are 12, 14 16 feet?  I don't really know, other then the old walls stretch up to the soaring ceiling and trying to keep a room like that warm in 30 degrees is impossible. 

I worked on the mailings, so that mostly involved sticking the mailing labels on to the full size page and then cutting it into half to be mailed to over 1200 people who have come to our shows.  The copies were warm when they came out of the printer and I would place them in my lap leaning into me and then while a hint of warmth hung to them I would stick the labels.  But it was cold and I was cold and Lisa and I worked away at our tasks every once in a while giggling at the cold and our numb feet.  I finished up the mailings drove past the mill and picked up animal feed and a bale of hay.  Then home to meet with Amanda and Falcon to discuss their upcoming marriage.

Once I had the animals fed and new sweet hay in the laying beds, loved my chickens with treats and clucking sounds I scampered in the house where I intended to stay for the rest of the cold night.  Falcon and Amanda came over and she tried on dresses.  When she put on the black and gold one, both Falcon and I caught our breath at how beautiful she looked.  They are not traditional.  So with the dress decided we talked about location and cakes and then they went out into the cold, they with their plans.  I stayed in the warmth with mine.  I am so excited about being a part of their wedding.  They are so special.

I had awaken yesterday with a cold, so being in the cold, even in enough wool to dress a pasture of sheep, did not help.  This morning, I still have the cold, and really not feeling up to this weekend's adventure, but it has been so long since I have seen Susan and Annie and Linda and even longer since I have seen Linda's oldest, Josh.   And let us not forget the wizard.

So now with my sniffling nose, my read gooey weepy eyes, I am finishing my packing, fussing over Harry, playing with the two younger ones and then I will scurry out to the toy, leave the top up and head down to Orlando where it will be warmer.  Where it will probably get up into the 70s, aaaahhhha lot of humans.  But I will be with my dearest friends from college and their off springs, and I can do this. 
After all we are off to see the Wizard. 

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