Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Really? I mean really??!!!???

What a glorious morning.  69 degrees.  So by our standards, cold.  The air scrubbed clean with the tropical storm.  Almost like mother nature frantically used the branches, leaves, pine needles and cones in the wind and rain as a dishwasher to scrub all the dirt and grime off of the trees and bushes.  Literally washed the dust and heat out of the air.  This morning was clean, and clear.  Soon it will be fall and we will have days of crisp coolness.  This morning was not crisp, it was clear and bright and 

The sun seems less stressed, more of a relaxed morning.  Almost like TS Lee plumb wore Mother Earth out.  She has just laid back and relaxed this morning.  Taken a deep breath and let it out, slowly, quietly, and sat down to rest for a minute.  Lots of drama just around the corner, both in the tropics and up north.  But this morning, a little stillness, a little peace, a little rest.  

Is Mother Earth going through the beginnings of menopause?  I mean really.  She has been trying to nurture and take care an awful lot of us, and we are a messy planet.  Hot flashes, emotional outbursts, moodiness.  Hmmmm does that sound familiar?  Why, yes, yes, it does to me.  I can relate.  Maybe that is why I was so surprised to see good ole faithful mother earth showing the same signs.

And this morning, she has sat down to recover, exhausted with the emotional release, and it felt like she slipped into my house and enjoyed a simple cup of tea with me.  We both were quiet, just looking out the door at the trees and undergrowth.  The birds almost lilting through the air in between the trees, the butterflies a little less frantic in the cool sweetness of the morning.  Bright jewels among the hot colors of summer and green toughening up for the promise of autumn.

It was Edna's second appointment with the vet for her vaccinations and to check on her skin.  Her skin is getting better and she has hair on her face again.  She still has a lot of patchy areas, but she is getting there. I can so relate to my little baby girl loosing her hair.  Everything else went great.  Ednarose was as sweet as could be.  Everyone was falling in love with her in the vets.  Just a lovely morning.

I figured I had plenty of time to stop by Jack and Jan's, drop off the chimes, a book, some music and ties.  Then take Edna home, pick up the bag of garbage, drop at the dump, swing through the drop off at the post office and still make it to the YMCA for my yoga class.  I can work in the cardio room after yoga.  I can do this. 

I try to get Ednarose to go to the bathroom before we leave the vets, but there are so many interesting and foreign smells, she simply can't focus on her job.  So I swoop her up and we head to Jack and Jan's.  In, out, check it off.  Oh wait, Edna has peed on the driver's side seat in the couple of minutes it took me to run up to the door and back.  Really, I mean really??????  and this wasn't the first present I had found this morning.  Really.

Edna and I got settled into the car this morning and I reached for the keys.........I put a set in the cup holder between the seats, it has a lid that closes it up like a box.  I opened the lid and instead of seeing my keys, the box was full of vomit.  Really??????  I got out and got the paper towels.  She must have gotten sick last night when we got home before I got her out of the car when I was helping Harry out.  

I found the keys, buried under the vomit.

So now I cleaned up the leather seat, got in and turned the corner to head towards Hwy19.  A cat or small dog or raccoon ran out in front of me and across the road.  I know it was not an armadillo because whatever it was it lived and disappeared.  I had swerved to miss it, hit the curb but pulled back just fine.  Wait, what is that really loud hissing noise?  I pull over and get out, walk around to the right side of the car.  The back tire had a deep slash and was spitting a nasty, loud hiss.  Really?  I look at the front tire, it is already flat, and big enough to see from where I was standing a matching slash releasing the last of its hiss.  I mean really?????

I step down into Burger King and call the tire people.  They will come and get me and the car.  The owner swings by since he is out running an errand so he can start working on getting the tires.  Yes, two new tires.  really????  But Edna just settled in on the floorboard in the shade, it was still in the lower 70s.  I sat back with my script and made good use of our little wait.  Almost a gift of free time.  No yoga for me at the Y today.  I can do that this evening, when I get back from my walk.  

Did I mention that when I woke up this morning my right eye was almost swollen shut.  Big, red, oozing, especially puffy under the eye.  I must have been bitten by something in my sleep last night.  really.

The truck came and picked up my car.  Edna and I get into the front seat with him.  He looks down at my sweet little puppy behaving so well, and spit out the window.  His check tight with chaw.  He again looks at Edna and says, "Bleach".  I looked at him confused.  He repeated, "Bleach.  I have a friend who has a lab about the same age as that one, and she had the same skin thing.  He used bleach to get rid of it."  I look at that gentle tender skin and the worst place is around her eyes and I don't say anything.  What is there to say.  I am no more going to dip this precious baby into a tub of bleach then I am going to throw her in a fire.  He looks at me and can see that I am not going to say anything, so he starts going over how to do it, and that it won't hurt the dog.......much, and that will heal anyway.  He explains the economics and why this is as safe as using meds and so on, all the way to the tire store.  Bless his heart he was trying to be very helpful, but really?  Dunk my baby girl into 2 gallons of bleach?  I mean really?   I don't think so.  

The meds are working.  Yes, it will be a while before all is taken care of, but it is working.  I am willing to stick with it.  

The tire people made arrangements for us to be brought home.  I immediately took the battery charger out to my now back up car.  Switched the charger to high, identified to be used to start a car, waited for a minute and then cranked that puppy right over.  Then I loaded the three dogs into the Malibu and we drove up town.  I wanted to give the car a little run, charge the battery and make sure that if I need a car it, it will be ready to go. 

With that taken care of, I brought my lunch in, a fish sandwich from Burger King with added tomatoes and pickles.  Not something I normally eat, but still trying to get that weight to stick, and  nothing works like big white buns, mayonnaise and fried food.  Not the healthiest or tastiest, honestly, but high calories, and hopefully between that and my healthy high calorie breakfast of fresh eggs, a small patty of turkey sausage, and a piece of lightly buttered whole grain toast (15 grams of fiber), a cup of decaf Earl Grey and 2 glasses of water.  High calories, plenty of fluid, protein and fiber.  Not my normal breakfast, but I am trying to get my weight to stabilize.  Tonight, whole grain pasta with the rest of the mushroom, red pepper, turkey tomato sauce and some broccoli.   Trying to balance the high calorie food with healthy food.  I will also have a bowl of ice cream at some point.  I was at 120 pounds this morning.  That it my safe low weight.  I need to get a couple of more pounds on.  I am trying.  I would have thought that surely I would have put that weight on this weekend.  I mean I didn't do much more then eat, breath and get a little sleep.  But no, the weight  did not stick.  That scared me, hence the fish sandwich.  I don't want to get into a pattern of loosing weight.  I am more then skinny enough.  After all, it is going to be hard enough to convince people that I am really a woman in the play.

So as I look back over the day, my what a lot of crazy things.  Tomorrow is the quilt show, I don't see any reason that I won't be able to go.  I won't be gone all day, and once they get the tires in, it shouldn't take that long to get the car back on the road.  

It is still a beautiful day.  The light has more of a blue/green color instead of the intense gold, yellow, orange light of summer.  The temperatures are lovely, the humidity works just fine today, not too much.  This weekend I could smell the moisture.  It was the smell of rot.  We did finally get some nice rain, at least 2 inches here at my place, maybe more.  But as the rain washed off the summer, you could smell the old burned out, worn down, ready to go dirt and grime of this hot summer.  Hot as August.  The first cool snap usually comes through towards the end of September.  Normally, September is mostly as hot as August.  But today the air whispered promises of cooler, less intense, slower pace, sweet clean.  And you could not help but sit up and take notice.  To slow down and look out, to see the world through the eyes of fall.  Not yet, but the first promise that it will come again this year, just as it should be.

And now I will head out for a walk and then I will come back and do some yoga.  Tomorrow I will repeat this, and Thursday back to the Y, then into Tallahassee for our first rehearsal, the read through.  To open the windows tonight and let this cool sweet, clean air slip into my room and swirl around my head filling it with quiet, peaceful dreams.  
Really.  No, I mean really!!!

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  1. What a perfect description of how the storm brought us this perfect weather!
    Now the dog vomit in the cup thingee? My flies don't seem so bad now.