Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


That is how I feel lately.  Just busy.  Very busy.  Too busy.  And I am making choices of somethings that I dearly want to do, but just have to say not this time.  LIke going to Owen's second birthday.  And tonight Lily's birthday.  But I have my Dad here, and I don't want to leave him alone while I run off to a birthday party, and yet, it will be crowded and noisy and chaotic, as all good birthday parties with young children should be,  And it would just be too much on him.  Ok, it would be too much on both of us. 
Last year when we worked on his Christmas list there were a couple of catalogs that we were able to order 90% of his presents out of.  It was a piece of cake and just took us a couple of days.  This year, the catalog didn't really have as many things in that were what we were interested in, so I have been taking him on short shopping trips so he can order somethings and pick up others.  We were able to take care of almost all of the out of town friends with one catalog.  I think we did a wonderful job there.  So that took a huge chunk of the presents out, but we are struggling with the rest.  And honestly by the time we have to sit down and go over more catalogs, I am just exhausted. 

Sunday I did not have to go to rehearsal so Dad and I spent most of the day just going over catalogs.  We watched some football, I made meals and did a little laundry, but that was about it.  Dad took a nap and I was exhausted, we both were not getting to bed until after midnight from going to see Sound of Music.  And we were both pretty tired already, so that just whooped our butts.  It was nice getting to take it easy on Sunday.  I have taken a couple of walks, but I have not been able to keep up my normal routine, and that is also affecting me.  All the muscle tone I was building and was so proud of.  Ok, it was pretty minor, but I could see it.  And now, I haven't been to the Y in almost a week and have only walked a couple of times since then, and no yoga, other then a stretch here and there throughout the day.  

FIrst thing Monday, Ednarose and I went to see the vet for her monthly vacinations.  She was so good, and her skin condition is clearing up nicely.  The Vet said she thought only one more month on the meds and she thought we might get past this.  Then back home to pick up Dad.   We drove into Costco and Wal-mart.  We did a little birthday and Christmas shopping, as well as picking up some food.  I know, it doesn't sound very busy, and it is not. However, there is a lot involved with all of that.  First I have to try and put the dogs in a location where they will be ok while we are gone.  Then I bring the toy around to the back door, assist Dad as he works his way down the 4 steps and then manages to get into the car.  And he is forced to move very slow with his arthritis, especially in his back.  Any movement is tough, and sitting too long sitffens him up, but walking is so hard on him and you can see how much pain he is in.  So what would take an average healthy person a minute or two, takes dad more then 5 minutes, at least.  And Dad is struggling all the way trying to move.  So now he is in the car, we get the seatbelt fastened, which is another bit of a struggle because I have this giant pillow in his seat to raise him up high enough to get in and out of the seat more comfortably.  Ok, so now I close the all the doors, to the house, to the car, and run around and get myself into the car. 

Now we drive to the gate, if we are lucky Ednarose has not seen us.  Ok, that never happens.  So now, I run back and forth putting her in a more secure location each time.  Talking sternly, "stay"  "stay" I demand, I beg.  And she just looks at me like "Don't tell me what to do!!!"  So at three times I will just give in and put her in the house.  Ok, sometimes it takes more then three times.  So now, I am exhausted, frustrated and now matter how early I start, I end up running late.  I don't like running late, even if it is just my schedule.

So off we go, when we finally get everyone secured and I am so anxious I have to take an ativan. 

Today, I had let the chickens out early in the morning.  They were just acting so cramped up.  But then when it came time for Dad and I to leave for the Y, I could not get the chickens back into the coop.  They headed off to the woods on the back of my property.  This is not a big woods  It is about 20 - 25 feet deep with a fence on the rear of the property.  I like the buffer of the wild vegetation.  And obviously so do the chickens.  Then I realize that is probably because Endarose thinks it is her job to fetch the chickens for me.  Of coruse the chickens don't know the difference between Endarose's idea of fetching and the other dog's idea of killing.  So they take off to the woods.  Needless to say I was a bit nervous to leave the house with the chickens loose and Ednarose wanting to "play" with them.  I had a good talking to Ednarose, loaded Dad and myself in the car, and made it out of the yard and on our way, only 20 minutes later then I had planned.  sigh

So we headed up to the Y and I did a mile on the eliptical and did half of the machines.  Time for yoga so off I scampered.  It was nice because people had all came up to me and said they had missed me.  Yoga felt good, it felt great actually.  So did working out on the machines.  After yoga I went back to the exercise room and finished my work out.

After that, Dad and I headed over to the Oncology Department to give my blood for tests for Dr. M next week.  There was a new nurse in the bloodletting room.  I made a comment that I had gone to Tallahassee to an Oncologist there first.  It turns out she had worked there for years.  She made a comment about how much she liked my ex-doctor.  I put my hand up.  I said, I apologize for being rude, but please, never mention that man's name to me ever again.  That I disliked him strong enough to actually say I hate him.  And I can't think of anyone I hate.  Ok, I don't hate the man, but I hate what he is doing to people with cancer.  I hate that he is burned out and does not do his job the best he can.  That he gives up before he has run all of the tests to find out what kind of cancer someone has.  I hate that he guesses based off of old science and then treats someone, and instead of healing them, makes them worst.  I told her that I am not the only one.  That I know of maybe half a dozen, maybe more that he has also mistreated.  So, please, do not ever mention that man's name ever again.  She was rather taken back, but was quite gracious and made some comment that she was glad that both of us are not at Thomasville.  I told her I agreed, and I was sorry for being so upset, but that man had done everything possible to kill me, and it took all that Dr. M had to keep me alive.

After that Dad and I went to the Bookshelf for the unveiling of the Calendar Girl Calendar for the HOPE project.  It is beautiful and well done.  For the most part, everyone has clothes on, or is covered with something so there is no nudity at all.  Dad and I went to the party and most of the people in the calendar were there, including Rich's sister Susan.  Her hair has grown back in and she it is beautiful.  She looked lovely and I was able to get her signature along with a few others of those in the calendar, including the only man, Frankie.  He is in my HOPE Classes and is a hoot.  He just heard on Monday that after more then a year he is finally stable.  That is such great news.  I remember a couple of months ago when I stablized.  It was such a sweet time.  So I knew exactly how he felt.  It was a lovely event, and everybody was happy and laughing and eating and talking and a lovel precious evening.  I am so glad that Dad and I stayed to go.  It made for a longggggggg day, but so worthwhile.  It was nice for me though because I knew many people there, and several of the instructors commented on my work ethic at the Y.  They see how I make sure to get my work out when I am there.  I need to get back to doing my yoga at home and taking my walk on the days I am not at the Y.  It has been busy with dad here, so I have not been able to keep up with that as well as I would like.   

After the reception, Dad and I had dinner at the Plaza.  The Plaza is a Thomasville institution since 1916.  We had a lovely dinner in a nice atmosphere with a wonderful waiter.  He was funny and smart and could keep up with Dad's jokes.  Actually he was one step ahead of Dad.  But we had a wonderful time and a  perfect ending to a long, but a wonderful day.

And now I am getting ready to go to bed.  When I got home I searched the internet for love songs to send to my Sweetie in the Ukraine.  Dad and I are now watching The Mummy.  Dad is enjoying it.  I have seen it before, but it is a great adventure movie.

And Ednarose is growing up.  She is sweeter everyday.  She was well behaved with the chickens and has hair again.  I keep trying to get Bob and Harry to help me raise her, but Harry is tired, and Bob loves to play with her, but when she starts to get out of control, he dumps her on me and disappears.  I really can't blame him.  After all I am tyring to dump her on him.

I am tired, but happy and my body feels much better.  I was already starting to loose the little bit of muscle tone I had gained, but I am back at the gym and feeling better.  I have a house full of presents for Owen, Lily, Vergil and Billy and Shayla.  I will try and get them delivered before Jessie heads home, but if I don't, I can mail it to Vergil.

I have so many emails to answer, and gardening and house cleaning, but I don't get that much time with Dad, so all of that can wait.  For now we are just too busy. 

Tomorrow night is dinner with the Inspectors, Thursday is the retirement party and rehearsal.  Friday night, well, let's just wait and see what comes.  Saturday we will drive to Qunicy to see Annie Get Your gun, and then the week will start again, and it looks not as busy as this week, but still retirement is busy.  How you can be so busy after you retire, I don't have any idea, but eveyone tells me that this is normal.  I would like to try a week or two or three, with nothing but gardening.  Some day.  But for now, I am alive and living and there is so much to do.  And time to spend with Dad.

And emails to read with love songs
yes, this is a good time to be alive.
Time to take a chance on life
on love
on spending time with those who are important
Happy Birthday Lily
Happy Birthday Vergil
Happy results for Frankie.


  1. It is so horrifically sad that there are so many bad doctors practicing today, and I'm sorry you ran into one of them because there really are good doctors. The thing is we have to be our own advocates and do a lot of research to know who is good. I could go on but that would be frivolous.
    Take care of you!

  2. I am so glad that you got to Dr. M. We have to do a lot of research to take care of ourselves.