Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Social Week

This week has been way more social then I am used to.  Yesterday I had lunch with my dearest friend Geeta.  We were supposed to go to Lake Ella for a picnic, but when we went to head to the lake from her office my new Toy would not start.  It did not make a noise, light a light, do anything.  Dead, rest in peace.  Did I panic?  Did I get upset?  Of course.  No, actually Geeta started to get worried for me, but I honestly, unbelievably stayed totally calm.  I picked up my cell phone and called Mr. Moon, the Car Guy.  I told him what had happened, he said no worries he would be right over.  And sure enough within 20 minutes he was staring down at my battery hooking a portable battery charger to it.  

And not only did he get my car started, but he called the Interstate battery people told them I was on my way, and what battery I was going to need.  I drove up in front of the store and I had hardly stopped when a guy comes out, tests the battery, tells me what is wrong with mine and in the same movement he pulled out the old batter and placed the new one in.  I paid the bill, very reasonable price because Mr. Moon called them first, and off I drove.

I went to Costco and picked up cherry tomatoes for Owen.  That boy eats so well.  His mama and daddy, not to mention his grandparents have taught him well.  Then I picked up large steaks for M/M Moon to say thank you to Mr. Moon for coming to my rescue.  I slipped into the house and left my treats.  Owen and Mary were taking a nap when I slipped in and out.

I came home and looked at all the things I needed to do.  Then I sat down and just gave out.  I did get to bed early and when I woke up this morning I felt a little less tired.  

I worked  a short day today, but a day of accomplishments.  Funny how when time is short that is sometimes when you get the most work done.  After lunch I drove over to pick up my dear friend Rich for lunch.  We haven't spent nearly enough time together lately, and I do love him dearly.  He is one of the funniest, cutest, most adorable and intelligent people I know.  And I always have a wonderful time with him.  Today was no different.   Then we drove over to pick up his car.  It was lovely getting to talk and laugh with him.  He is such a great guy.

After dropping him off to pick up his car I was on the west side of town, but there was a Home Depot so I could get the posts I needed for this weekend to make the coop in the coop for the chickens.  Then a quick trip past Joann's to pick up felt that Ms Denise needs for one of the costumes.  Then home to rest before rehearsal tonight.

Tomorrow I have a lunch engagement with my friend Carolyn.  This is more eating out then I ever do.  Shoot, I don't eat out this much when I am on the road.  But I just haven't spent much time with these dear friends so it was wonderful.

Saturday morning is the annual heirloom plant sale at Goodwood Museum .  I love this sale each year.  The weather is supposed to be rainy.  So what!  One year Mary and I went in the pouring rain, each of us with colds.  The rain had not reached our homes yet, so we did not realize how bad the rain was when we left.  We had no rain gear, but I did have a couple of umbrellas stuck in the back of the closet.  So we stood in line in the pouring rain waiting for the gate to open at 9 along with the other insane gardeners.  We sloshed in as the gate opened a sea of brightly colored umbrellas and you could see all the umbrellas lean forward in unison as each gardener reached down to claim their first prize.  Then about a minute later you saw all the umbrellas slam shut and get shoved under one of the tables so that we could use both hands to pick up plants.  It was like a MGM Musical the timing was so perfect.  No one complained about the rain.  Everyone just busily followed their plan of attack moving from one grouping of plants to the next, shade, sun, partial shade, herbaceous, perennial, vines, ground covers and so on.  You must have a plan before attending one these sales.  And actually here in Tallahassee they are so polite at their plant sales.  In Ft. Myers for the annual hibiscus sale you had old ladies bossing their poor husbands around as the men stood in the heat of the Ft. Myers sun, with no hats, waiting for the door to open to rush past all the exhibits and straight to the sales.  There was always at least one husband who succumbed to the heat and went down.  He would gently be passed to the back of the crowd.  No one, not even his wife moved from their well elbowed in spot.  The hibiscus society had learned early on to always have an ambulance there and they would take the poor suffering dear and hold him there while his wife shot through the door grumbling the whole time about him abandoning her.  Then everyone would start shoving and grabbing as many pots of any plant they could get their hands on.  And the fun would begin.  "I have a Miss Lily I will trade for one of your Key Wests", "I will take that Fancy Pink for one of my Lady Sunshines

I went to a plant sale at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota (there plant sale is in May each year) many years ago where a little tiny old man, I swear he was 137 years old, knocked me down with his wheel barrow, ran over me with the wheel barrow and then yelled at me for being in his way.  I have been to other plant sales where I saw people fist fighting over a particular plant.  Ah, the good old days.  I love the Goodwood Plant Nursery, but it is calm and quiet and polite.  The plants get my heart pumping so I guess that makes up for the lack of drama and action.

I have to get with Richard/Colleen this weekend to get the Memorial Service planned.  I need to get Thuggee's robe finished, and Paulette's earrings.  Breathe, you can do all of this, and have your 2 garden bales of hay delivered tomorrow.  I am going to try growing tomatoes or eggplants or peppers in hay bales, but you have to buy the right kind of hay bale.  Something that was not treated with an herbicide or growth hormone.  

So today was a stomach problem again.  After all I have had what seems like almost a week with no stomach problems, so I fee very fortunate.  My appetite is definitely different these days, sometimes I am starving and after a few bites, I don't want anymore.  Mostly I am just not interested in food.  I am forcing myself to eat though, I don't want Dr. M getting on me about my weight.  I feel strong, happy, capable.  Life is good.  The weather has been glorious.  And a plant sale on Saturday!  Who-hah, life is good.