Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Opening

It has been quite a ride.  Our last rehearsal, last Monday, was OK.  Then we had a read through on Tuesday, and well, it was awful.  We could have had a rehearsal on Wednesday night, but I am exhausted and our weakest part of the show was lines.  And having one more rehearsal and wearing everyone out because some of our cast still did not know their lines.  And struggling through lines and emphasizing bad habits was not going to make them any better.  So with the hopes that those who did not know their lines would work hard on their own, Wednesday and Thursday before our dress rehearsal/preview show, we did not request the additional rehearsal.

Thursday nights show started off with a bang!  That is what I would like to say, but actually it opens up with a song and the person singing the song, bless her heart started out fine, but forgot the words about half way through.  And the show really didn't get much better after that.  Nerves, people new to the stage.  A small stage, that we thought by putting it in the corner we would be able to put more people in the room, but we were wrong.  Plus now the stage is in a pocket and the sound seems to get stuck up there and to the actors it sounds loud.  But with the new air conditioning unit the room gets cold and comfortable for the audience, but it is loud and we have that much more problem with the actors projecting.

There is a theater saying that a bad dress rehearsal ensures a great opening night.  And yes, we did have a great opening night.  All but 2 projected well and consistently.  Two have strong accents so it is hard to understand them anyway, and then they are small people and well, their voices are at a range that just isn't carrying.  But they tried.  Everyone tried.

Judy, the co-director and I met with them last night and said, don't worry about a thing.  This is a play, just get out there and have fun.  And they did, and the audience could tell, and it was a very nice opening night.  Tonight, it will be so much better again, because they survived a so-so performance, and now they have seen what it is like to have a good performance, and I know they will just keep getting better and better.  And they are a lovely group, and it has been a lot of fun.  And although it was not the best decision I have ever made, co-directing a play in the middle of starting a new chemo treatment.  I am so very grateful that this cast has been so understanding, that I had such a great friend and talented co-director to work with, and that Denise, was our set and prop Manager.  Such talented people.  And it is a fun show, and our Virginia is amazing and has been every thing I could hope for.  

Was it worth the toll on my body, my sanity and my life to direct this play?  As I sit here too exhausted to go out and work in the garden, too nauseous to take a long ride in the toy with the top down on a glorious day like today, yes it was worth it.  To start months and months ago with Judy reading the script dreaming of all the possibilities, casting the characters, doing all the behind the scenes work, watching the words become people in a far away land with accents and singing and dancing and mystery, mayhem and murder.  Yes, it is worth all of this.  

It was worth driving up to the Opera House and setting tables this afternoon.  It was worth how I feel right now.  Because tomorrow all I have to do is take Jessie's graduation present to her birthday party.  And tomorrow is May Day, and I will find the time to dig in the dirt tomorrow and plant more of my plants, patiently waiting for their new home.  And it will be Beltane and I will celebrate the ancient festival of fertility and spring.  May day is my favorite day of the entire year.  it is a "between" day.  It is a day in nature when it turns from winter to spring in the ancient beliefs, and anything can happen in between.  And I have the buoy bell hung, so I can ring the bell to chase away any unwanted sprites or imps that may wish to cause mayhem during the in between.  I love the old legends and myths.  They give us an inner view of the evolution of human thinking.  From evil spirits to germs and viruses, from the devil to disease, from magic to science.  And yet so much of what we now know and view with a scientific eye is still so beautiful and magical.

I am feeling better these days, mentally.  I have pushed myself too far, and it will take time to snap back to my comfort zone as a Pollyanna.  And I need to sit still more and rest more   and Recover from pushing myself too far.  But how do we know our limits if we do not try and push it a little.  OK, my little may be overboard to others.  And that is OK.  

Tonight another performance and we will have made it through the first weekend.  Tomorrow is May Day!!!  And maybe by that point I will be able to think clearer and write another post that makes a little more sense then this one feels right now.  

It is a glorious day here, and what a wonderful and life overflowing with gifts I have. 

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  1. Happy Beltane, baby! See you later on. Can't wait.