Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby geese

Friday my friend Bob came and got me.  He said, "follow me, I want to show you something."  So I scampered off behind him to the hall in front of the Bureau of pesticides.  There on the landing were 2 adult geese and in between them were 2 little balls of yellow and gray fluff and 6 of the biggest feet you have ever seen.  They were adorable, and the parents stood as still and quiet as ice staring at us, guards protecting the most precious special gift.

And it was a good day at work.  Came home I was so tired.  I sat down and tried to write a post for this blog, but my brain just wasn't functioning.  I did manage to get everything at the store before heading home.  But once home I sat down.  I did finally get up and start baking the cake.  I got one tier baked and half of the other before just giving up and going to bed. 

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the kitchen.  I got the rest of the cake baked and got the ganache made and whipped, decorated the cake, made the tepenade, baked a small loaf of French bread to go with it and then made the olives with the herbs and olive oil.  OK, all set for the wedding.  I got dressed, packed the car and got ready to go.  I grabbed a couple of dog cookies and went to the pasture to lock Harry and Bob in there with their cookies.  Harry was ready and willing, just give him the cookie!  But no Bob anywhere to be seen.  I hunted and called for 30 minutes.  Time clicking away that I should have been at Casa Luna helping to get things ready for the wedding.  I was so exhausted, but that did not matter.  I was ready to give up on Bob and I put my purse in the car so that I could move quicker looking for him when something caught the corner of my eye.  And there was Bob, asleep in the back seat of the Toy.  I have no idea how or when he got in, but there he was.  Relief.  I got him put into the pasture, gave him his cookie and now I had to drive like I had a wedding cake in a box in the trunk.  And I did.  I now it made everyone nervous coming up behind me on the interstate, but I don't care.  The wedding cake made it to the wedding just fine.

And the wedding was wonderful!!!!  A perfectly glorious day, friends and beloved ones gathered together, lots of wonderful food and drink and conversation and love filled the air and floated around like the humidity and bugs encompassing us.  And everything was perfect, absolutely and totally perfect!  The ceremony was a little after 2 and yet at 8:00 pm most of us were still sitting there talking and laughing.  I came home.  I was so tired.  Have I said that already?  I was so tired I couldn't sleep.  

So I thought, no problem I will sleep in tomorrow, it is Sunday, a lovely day to sleep in.  It is supposed to be the day of rest.  I woke up before 7 and did my best to simply stay in the bed until almost 8.   I did a few of the tasks I needed around the house.  But not nearly enough.  I did manage to make a broccoli quiche and a chocolate torte out of the rest of chocolate cake I didn't use in the wedding cake.  I went to Garden Circle and had a lovely time.  We had a guest speaker from McClay Gardens talk about propagation.  I always enjoy spending time with the ladies from the Garden Club.

On my way home I thought about stopping to see how rehearsal was going, but thought better of it, and instead went home to rest.  I got home and wanted to lay down and sleep, but I just couldn't sleep and I couldn't think clear enough to post a blog, so I just sat here.  It was a glorious day and I did get to do a little of this and that outside.  But again, I was so tired I could not fall asleep.

Yesterday I went to work.  By 1:00 when I leave I was exhausted and starving.  So I picked up some Chinese to go.  I got home around 2:30 and ate my lunch and at 4:00pm I woke up still sitting in my chair, chopsticks still in my hand, my plate still sitting on my lap.  It did look extremely "clean".  I have no idea if I finished eating the food or if Bob and Harry cleaned my plate.  I was full, so I guess it didn't really matter.  I might have been getting ready to take an empty plate to the kitchen, I don't remember, so that is what I did and then I headed on to bed to take a little nap.  I thought I would lay down for an hour or so and then get up to wash Harry.  At 10:00pm I got up and turned on the alarm to wake up this morning and went right back to sleep.

I woke up this morning still feeling tired, but not quite so bad.  I worked a few extra hours trying to help get caught up on work.  This is the time of year that all the aerial applicators head north and west out to make their living, and they are all in a panic trying to be the first to get their licenses together and get out there.  It is a crazy time of year for us because of their craziness.

Then on my way home I was listening to the pledge drive on WUSF and who should I hear?  But Liz Sparks.  Liz is Mary's Liz from the west, versus her Lis from the east.  She was leading the pledge drive.  So I emailed in my pledge, in honor of Liz, and because I love NPR.

So now here I am here, finally posting, not much to say.  The chicken babies continue to get big. They eat and eat and eat, and just keep transforming form peeps to chickens.  Some are already looking like roosters, others are obviously hens, and some just have not shown themselves yet.


  1. Such a life you lead! You do more than I do and you do it all with such grace. No wonder you're tired!
    I love you!

  2. Ha, the dogs cleaning the plate is what would happen at our house.