Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zora Neal

Bob the dog does a great job waking me when the chickens make noises at night.  But he will not go with me to face the predator.  And the predator was back last night and it even slipped past me as I ran for Zora.  It was dark and I did not have on my glasses, any shoes or my flashlight.  When I hear my babies scream, I run.  I don't stop and think, I just run to my babies. 

I got to the barn and flipped on the light in the horse stall and ran into the coop.  It gives a little back light, but does not light up the coop enough to really see what is going on.  As I moved from one coop to the next something shaped like a raccoon waddled quickly by me and down into the rabbit hole and was gone.  Zora is tore up pretty good and the white chick has a wound on the right side of its head and neck.  The worst injury for the chick is the PTSD.  The poor little thing does not look well, but trying to take it from its mother to clean it up and put some antibiotic salve, seemed worse then letting it have some food and water and some warmth and attention from Zora Neal.  I will keep my eye on them both.  I put more rocks in where the animals are digging into the coop and then shoveled more dirt in again.  Later today when it is warmer I will go out and see if I can do a better job of closing off the holes.  

The brownies are made and the cinnamon oatmeal cookies are in the oven.  The General meeting for the Stage Company is at 2:00.  I am up for election.  I have been on the Board of the Stage Company for 2 years.  I am proud of what we have accomplished.  We now share all Board meeting minutes with all members.  We have met with other local stage companies and have had our first play share in that TOSAC brought a play to the Opera House last season, and hopefully this season we will have a production from members of the Stage Company take a play to TOSAC and have them bring another play to our stage.  We still need to do a better job in developing new directors or bringing in new directors, and keep working on getting company members involved.  But am I the one that should be doing this?  My focus is elsewhere.  Having something else in my life other then cancer could be a good thing.  But can I be selfish enough to run for an election for a position that I don't know if I can give what I feel is needed for this job.  I took over the financial position, but was unable at that time to get my brain to work well enough to handle the position.  Pat took the position and immediately fixed the problem.  That was when I realized I might not be the best person.  I do not see the Board as the Stage Company itself.  It is merely the representatives of the members of the Stage Company.  Their voice.  And the best way to follow the guidance of their voice is to have their input.  We need to be better about that.  I am not sure how.  Maybe we need to make the members feel more welcome to attend Board Meetings.  Again though, am I really the one to do this?!?!?!??  I don't know.  But the brownies and cookies are ready for the meeting.  We are serving light snacks at the meeting.

I got a call from Donna at the Oncology Office, I have an appointment on Monday with the doctor who will do the surgery to remove the lymph node.  Friday I will go in for more lab work and then meet with the doctor.  The following Monday I will start my new chemo treatment.  This is exciting.  I wonder how this new chemo mix will affect me.  It is a different chemo.  This one will be more specific to the type of cancer that I have.  I still don't know what cancer I have, but we are closer to knowing.  Maybe by next Monday we will know for sure.  I trust Dr. M to know what he is doing.  And I like the fact that we have good communication between him and the rest of the team, and I know his goal is to beat this cancer.  It feels good to have that.  

Now to get ready to go to the Stage Company meeting.  Ms Moon will not be there, she is a little under the weather.   It is a gorgeous day, the temperatures have warmed up nicely. 

We had the Stage Company meeting.  It was small.  But we had enough to complete our business.  Jan and I were re-elected to the Board.  There are plenty of cookies left, and Judy was asked to direct the Murder Mystery.  It was a small turn out, but we got a lot accomplished.  It was a good meeting.

Tomorrow Judy and I will meet with the doctor who will do the lymph node surgery.
Mary can't go with us, she is sick, and my immune system is low.
Sometime this week they will remove a little piece of cancer.
A little cancer gone.
Then on Friday more lab work and then an appointment with Dr. M
And I feel like living again.
I have a 3 year term at the Opera House Stage Company
I think I will more then make that
I didn't feel this hopeful before.
Dr. M has made me feel like I will be well again.
Maybe not cancer free
but well.
I can live with that.


  1. Yes, yes, and very much yes! Well, except for the raccoons.

  2. Kathleen so glad the new doctor is so promising and focused on you and helping. I am continuing to send healing thoughts your way...and I hope the new chemo is gentle on you but hard on the "C"! I love that you have an attitude of going forward on such a positive, optimistic way!
    So sorry for the intruder in with the chickens...have you ever used a raccoon trap? We do and then take the raccoon to an area way, way far from us. It doesn't hurt them but safely lets you trap them.

  3. so glad for the new doc and team.
    you sound wonderful.
    hope the chickens are okay.
    you're a good mama.

  4. I am sorry about your chickens. There must be a way to keep the critters away and the chickens safe. I am glad that you feel optimistic. That is important with sickness. I feel good about your doctors.