Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think I have been eating non stop since Thursday.  I have gained 5 pounds.  I never thought I would brag about something like that, but I am.  There is still so much food, but it will not go to waste.  I have enjoyed it thoroughly and have started to freeze some of it.  I also have started sharing some of it with the dogs and chickens.  They love Thanksgiving.  So do I.  

Tomorrow back to work, but it has been a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  The Moon party, dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent quietly at home.  I am learning to say rest and not feel guilty for not being busy.  I have a few things to keep my hands busy.  I can crochet or knit on the board, and sometimes I do.  Sometimes I just sitting quietly and read or watch movies on TV.   Some days time flies, others it creeps hour by hour by.  Sometimes it feels like a waste of time, other times it feels like I am giving myself time to heal.  It was a nice two days of quiet.  

Janak and Geeta came for lunch.  I made blueberry muffins, a broccoli and cheese quiche and salad.  We sat and talked and had a lovely lunch.  It was wonderful to spend a few hours with these two special people.  What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Fall Sunday afternoon.  

As I was getting the dogs their 6:00 cookies the doorway outside glowed with pink and gold.  I stopped and just enjoyed the moment of the door.  I love in between and the light filled the in between like it was leading to another world, magical and glowing.  I stepped out the door and the sky was stripped pink and deep blue.  It really was another magical world.  

And now I am sitting quietly in my red chair.  The movie, The Odd Couple is on and I am stuffing envelopes for renewals.  Quiet moments on a weekend we set aside each year to celebrate gratefulness.  Grateful.  A quiet thank you whispered when a moment is lived, a prayer.  Grateful.


  1. Oh honey! I just posted about that golden/orange/pink sky! We were appreciating the same thing at the same time!
    Yes. Sometimes it is the proper and correct thing to do to rest and heal. The earth knows that. We are learning.

  2. Sounds like a good day. Love these winter skies.