Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something just isn't right

Saturday I went to Costco.  That was the event of the day.  I went to buy food for the week and the rest of my needs for Turkey day.  I did a lot of shopping, but I am didn't do so great getting the items on my list.  There is so much amazing food at Costco. As I walked to the door I said, just one foot in front of the other.  But I was too tired to do even that, so I said, just lift one of your feet.  Either one, just lift it off the ground.  And I managed to get out and in to my car and I was driving home.  I did buy Yukon gold potatoes.  That was as I was looking at them I managed to get one of the bags in the cart, but it was too heavy to lift it out.  I have a lot of potatoes.  Like 25 pounds?  A lot of potatoes, too bad Ms Moon doesn't want any, I could make them for her.  

So I made it home and got the food out of the car into the wagon and then into the house.  And I realized for this week I had bought salad and chicken/spinach sausage.  That was it for the week.  Ok, I actually bought the sausage for the front of the turkey, so a salad is the only food I bought for the rest of the week.  I bought lots of other stuff, pickles, olives, roasted asparagus, but not food food.  Thank goodness I like lettuce. But there is lots of sausage, so I can eat it with the turkey.

Today I made zucchini/apple bread for Garden Circle.  I made two loaves, just practicing until Wednesday when I will bake pumpkin bread for the Moon party.  

Then off to Isabelle's where she and Caroline and I strung pop corn for the Garden Circle Christmas tree.  We sat around and drank red wine, talked and strung popcorn.  It was a lot of fun and I like spending time with these two women.  After we finished the corn I came home and realized that my left arm is uncomfortable.  I looked at the incision area and it is noticeably swollen and black and blue.  I called the doctors office, but they do not have a service or a machine.  I will call first thing in the morning and ask.  It was the tiniest bit swollen on Friday, not enough to be of any concern to the doctor or his nurse, Chad.  But I have noticed that it has seemed to be getting a little puffier each day since then, and this evening it has gotten to the point where I need to call the doctor and see what he thinks.  I hope that it is a bruise, not an infection or a bleeder or something else that I have no idea about right now.  I guess I will find out when I talk to the doctor.  I don't have a fever.  Ms Moon called and asked me that.  That is a good point.  And she and Mr. Moon think I should put ice on it.  Good point.  hmmmmm, ice in my left arm pit.  Ok, I am going to have to work on that one.  Have I ever mentioned how much I don't like cold weather?  Well, I don't like cold water, to drink or swim in, and I am not a big ice person.  Especially in my left arm pit.  But I know they are right.  My back aches on the left side behind the incision.  It is not swollen like a grapefruit, but more like an egg.  So it is not huge swollen, but noticeably swollen.  I think if there is anything wrong, I have caught it early on, and the doctor should be able to look at it tomorrow, and go, Ok, lets take this magic pill and all will be fine.  Or maybe when I wake up, all will be fine.  Maybe I have just been up and doing too much.  

I am feeling better today, except for the back, and I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.  Tuesday, Isabelle, Caroline and I are going to look into getting a new Christmas tree for the Garden Circle.  We have worried about this for over a year now.  Time to just get a new one.  Thursday, I will cook turkey and have dinner with Judy and Denise.  I am excited about Thanksgiving.  I love turkey and dressing with cranberries and mashed potatoes and gravy.  And then laying back on the couch pants unbuttoned, dreaming about the gorgeous pecan pie warmed with vanilla ice cream on the side.  Always room for desert because it melts around all the little gaps between the real food.  That is why you have to have it ala mode.  

The left side of my back is uncomfortable, but I am sure that it is no big deal.  We will see what the doctor thinks.  Meanwhile I am stronger and feeling better. But I need to have that incision looked at, it just feels like something just ain't right.  more tomorrow after I see how my arm pit is, and decide to call the doctor.  now about that ice.......          


  1. I get tired going to Costco. So many people and carts if you go on a wrong day (like a weekend). Of course if you go when they have samples it is a free lunch! We always see and buy stuff for parties there as you can't beat the deals.
    Hope that the puffy and sore arm is minor Kathleen. Try not to overdue yourself.
    Pecan Pie a la mode....oh so good. We always do two pies one being pumpkin and hopefully pecan....we shall see!

  2. Oh honey. I'll take you up to Thomasville tomorrow. I will.

  3. I feel tired reading this, it is such a hard trek, to exist in this world when your physical body is hurting and exhausted. I'm so glad you have Ms Moon and others to help you. After my surgeries I took in as much antiinflammatory foods and supplements as I could and that does help- green tea is a great healer, and I drank four of five cups a day. I also used arnica to rub on swollen bruised areas. And acupuncture- man that really helped after my third surgery, when my stomach was sooo painfully swollen. I was literally two sizes smaller round the waist when I left my appointment. xo

  4. I get exhausted just thinking about Costco, not to mention driving into the parking lot and then the whole store. I do hope your discomfort is gone tomorrow and if not, that it's quickly resolved.

  5. Are you doing too much?
    I loathe Costco.

    and Walmart.

    and the malls.

  6. I'm glad that you are calling the doctor. My wife had a blocked up area after the biopsy that needed to be drained.