Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, November 15, 2014

words, weather and war

Syd, is was so good to hear from you.  You have been on my mind lately.  To lose a loved one is hard.  To lose a dear friend who has been with you through so very much in your lives.  Important moments, moments filled with small breaths that touch our hearts, and then to no longer have them at the end of the pone line.  Even though we know that the choices others make about their lives is for them to make, it seems to just make it that much harder on those left behind in the same world, but without them.  You know I appreciate your comments, but more, I appreciate you, and if I should never hear from you again, I would still think of you the same, and just wish you love.  But you do comment at times, and they are small gifts to receive.  Unexpected but loved.

And while I am referring to comments.  Thank you all.  I do not write for comments.  But to have fellow writers respond makes such a difference.  The person who was familiar with PEI, thank you for your comment.  PEI and the Canadian Maritimes are some of my most very favorite place in the world.  In the summer of course.  A couple of my most favorite meals ever, lobster longer than the length of a Coleman double burner camp stove bought in the fist house just under the bridge at PEI, and our only meal out we ate steamed mussels for an appetizer and a mussels marinara and a seafood stew overflowing with mussels.  I don't remember where we where, but I am pretty sure it was in Nova Scotia. 

I look outside the big bright windows and see a glory of color.  I do not walk outside and photograph it.  Any temperature below 70 is more uncomfortable each year.  My friend Kim lives in a cabin with her honey and kitty in NC just a spit from TN.  She said it was 17 degrees.  Bless her heart.  People are always trying to explain to me that you can feel the difference between say 20 and -20.  They don't seem to understand that when you grew up someplace that rarely has ever been 20, that no, I can not truly feel the difference.  Once you get below freezing, but to be totally clear, the only way it feels colder is if I should spend more than a few seconds in the cold.  This is all silly for me to even argue.  I have no more intention of going anywhere near freezing in the winter.  I don't like the cold.  I can get an idea of the beauty of the winter in the north from TV.  I have a very vivid imagination and I assure I understand that beauty.  I realize that up in north in the mountains the vistas of the change of leaves was breathtaking.  I have seen the change in probably half a dozen states before I wised up and realized that you can travel in the warm weather and still see beauty, just a different beauty.

But this, our first year in our new home has revealed so many glorious surprises.  The oak tree at the corner of our parking lot has Virginia creeper growing up along the trunk and out throughout some of the branches.  We didn't notice it before, but now there is a slash of red leaves snuggled up in that oak.  Just behind it are a couple of maples of red, wine, and gold.  Their leaves continue to hang on tight without loss of brilliance or leaf drop from freezes.  Everywhere I look on our property and the trees surrounding it are blazes of color against the deep dark green of the pine, oak and magnolia.  Each crepe myrtle took their turn from green to orange to deep red before dropping their leaves and the next in line trying to over due the last tree.  Now here is a secret, please do not share this with people up north, but y'all are getting ready to have lots of dead looking trees scattered through the conifers.  Here in Florida?  Once our showing leaves have dropped and are working their way into leaf mulch, we will still have lots and lots of green.  Oh, and no white to speak of.  I am so happy for the Maniacs and the Canadians and Mid westerners, the Plains, North westerners, and well, everyone who lives north of Florida for loving winter and the north.  It is crowded here, there are lots of insects, the size of VWs, humidity and people who talk funny, so just stay there.  We will handle the gators and the swamps, you try and hold off these Artic Vortexes.

Oh and Weather Channel, could you quit naming winter storms after actual names of places.  With the meds I take it is so confusing to hear that "Bozeman is on the move".  It does catch my ear, but so confusing.  Thank you for your consideration, and please ask the committee coming up with these names to be a little more considerate of us who might be a little challenged.

I had said that I respect each person for their individual beliefs.  I can't say that I don't believe in war.  That is like saying I don't like cold, so I refuse to believe in it.  But as a tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal, I have made a commitment to respect to each and every person's beliefs.  I have always found it hard to swallow when an extreme liberal turns on an extreme conservative.  I have never ever been convinced that war is right.  Hatred of any kind is simply wrong to me.  And of course I can see how it would be easy to say that war is wrong therefore I can be closed minded and look down on those who consider it an option.  No, I will not do that.  How am I any better than they are?  Well, first off I am not promoting to kill them, but it seems like to end war, is to teach love and understanding.  To listen, and hear what they say.  Not to agree or condone, but to give them the respect to listen to them.  No one has ever changed my mind about any war.  But protecting your loved ones is a natural instinct to most.  Someone slapping me, I can turn and walk away.  Someone slapping or threatening to slap my loved one, does come with more extreme emotions.  But to hate, kill, force my beliefs on others, are wrong, and it seems to me, that all of those things are found in war.  And to repeat a common phrase from my youth, "War, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!"  But maybe one way to maybe some day end war, would be to listen to all of the opinions.  Maybe that way we can find a way to show them that War, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!    Thank you all for your opinions.  It is nice to hear people think like me about war.  It helps me to try and be tolerant of those with different opinions.

I finished Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver.  This is only the third one of her books I have read.  I am still looking forward to the Poisonwood Bible and the Bean Tree.  Although I feel like I have read the Bean Tree, I am not sure, and her writing is worth reading more than once.  Her research and story lines are quite enjoyable, but it is her ability to take letters from the alphabet, turn them into sentences and thoughts.  I am feeling a little better each day.  Not big better, just little better, and I have to say I wept through so much of it.  My eyes eagerly ate up the medical talk.  My Dad loved anatomy and had wanted to be a doctor.  I bought him a Gray's Anatomy and he loved to read it and then show me what he had been reading and we would discuss it.  There was also a fascinating story line about driving trains.  Some writers, like Loren Eisley just connect with me.  I found myself when reading Animal Dreams stopping and rereading sentences.  Touching the words like they were objects.  There are probably a dozen writers that I related like this. 

It is the same with plays.  Some plays you can be very flexible with the dialogue.  Others, the language is so beautiful that it is criminal not to speak it like it is written.    Words, can soothe the soul or challenge you.  They can insight violence or bring understanding.  Some languages words sound like song.  So many books and authors that I have stopped and reread passages, not out of lack of understanding, but out of sheer beauty.  Some of my most precious beloved friends are masters of words.  Many of you read Ms Moon's blog so you know her ability to cause someone to throw their head back laughing, brwwwwhahahahaha.  Or words to brighten our eyes with tears.  My friend Kim (the one in 17 degrees) writes for her local newspaper.  Her research is impeccable, but it is her writing that got the paper to find her and offer her a position.  

I love music and all types of expression of art.  I admire those with the gift to share these.  Beautiful writing gives me the same joy.  I am back on a short Western novel by an author I have never read.  It is another one of the books that Dad gave me when he and Mom moved back to CA.  I just found my copy of Inkdeath by CC Funke.  A set of three books about words.  Such a fun series.

Half time is over and UF is tied with SC.  Time to get back to crocheting and watching football.  Oh, our hot water heater went out last night while I was washing my hair.  Bug has turned on the power and hot water heater in the 5th wheel so we have a back up.  He is so smart my honey.  I am finally over the weepiness of the stomach flu, and yesterday I was grumpy.  I was the queen of grump.  But after eating Ms Moon's soup, bread and pineapple upside cake I am no longer grumpy.  I still feel weak and my stomach is being very difficult, but the love Ms Moon put into the food has helped.  That woman can cook.  And she does it with such love and care that a sip of her soup, or a bite of her bread warm with melted butter, maybe some Montana honey, and all grumpiness just melts away.

Tonight is the FSU game with U of Miami.  We will be watching at home, where it is warm, the beer is cold and close at hand and Ms Moon's food is even better today.  Especially the French toast my honey made for me this morning.  I think I am going to warm the rest of my serving and enjoy.  Go Gators   


  1. I am sitting here crying. Good crying. You know.
    I love you so.
    I've got a present to bring to you soon.

  2. Thank you. You are a gift to all of us.