Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Artic Vortex and the stupid stomach bug

Thank you Kim, you are right, it is a stupid stomach bug.  And it just keeps hanging on and hanging on and.........  No one likes getting the stomach bug, but this is not the full all out flu.  I am really only dealing with digestive issues.  My sweet honey has somehow ended up with the rest of the symptoms.  I think that is so sweet that he would do this for me.  Of course he didn't volunteer for this anymore than I did.  He has the hurt all over, headache, fever, just feels crumby.  I get the night sweats, which should be referred to as the sleep sweats.  Anytime I go to sleep I sweat like a horse.  But honestly I have been sweating like this since started the pain med.  On the positive side, it does do wonders with the pain, helps my breathing and overall make life as close to normal as possible.  But besides the sleep sweats, it is also responsible for a lot of my digestive issues.  Oh well, it is all about balance, moderation.  And no, I still have plenty of room for improvement there.  I have also noticed that each day that I think I am feeling better and get up and do something, the night doesn't go well.  I don't sleep, my digestive issues flare up and the cycle spins around again. 

It is hard on your system every day or two to vomit past the bile into dry heaves or have cramps until you clear your system in the other direction.  How do people with crones and other digestive issues do this?  Bless their hearts.  Honestly, when I am dealing with one of those issues, that is how I get through it.  I think of friends and family with these serious issues and count my blessings.  My last great idea which kicked my stomach bug back in full gear was instantly to go to JoAnn's to use my coupon to buy even more yarn.  I bought enough to make 5 more afghans and some skeins to finish a couple other projects.  It was the day when the rain came through.

It was still "warm" and the line ahead of the latest vortex ran through here.  West of here Holmes County got hit pretty bad with a tornado in that same line.  The weather people were so excited to have footage of up turned trucks and cars and trees/telephone poles fallen over.  The weather people do seem very concerned for those hurt by the storms, but still excited to have something almost as important as football this time of year.

We did not have any power outages at our place rain.  Beautiful nectar from the gray sky.  The trees danced, the branches waving in time with the song of raindrops as they quenched their thirst from the short dry spell.  Normally we don't drive into Tallahassee in the rain.  We are retired so we can pretty much pick and choose our days in the big city.  But I needed to get the rest of the yarn and I had a coupon.  Plus we knew that behind that beautiful rain was cold weather.  Rain, I love.  Have I ever mentioned how much I do not like the cold?  When we got into craft store I stayed focused.  Bug kept looking down the aisles and calling out projects he knows I love, but I knew better than to let my mind wander.  I needed to focus on the yarn.  I was thrilled to see the particular yarn I wanted was almost half off, before the coupon.  I might have gone a little crazy on the yarn, but I really do enjoy crocheting, and it is a wonderful hobby when you are locked inside with an artic vortex.  Hey!  It was down to 22 in Monticello this morning.  Our high is the low 40s.  That is below 70.  I am not tempted at all to do more than look out the window.  It only took me about 15 minutes to get my yarn and head up to the cash registers.  They still had the barriers to line customers up with a minimal of problems.  You would not believe how aggressive crafters can get with a good sale and coupons!.  It took about 20 minutes to get through the line.  There were 3 of us.  I have to say that the young man working the register was very patient and helpful, but for those waiting there was a lot of foot stamping and hrmmmpphing.  Well until it was their turn.  Just that much wore my sorry but out.  Bug asked me if I wanted to go to lunch and I was not hungry and didn't really feel well.  He was worried that I was not eating enough so finally suggested some soup at Panera.  That didn't go well, and another night of digestive issues followed and you could literally watch the weight disappear from me.  Maybe I could offer myself for skin graphs.  Heaven knows I have plenty of extra these days.  Sorry, TMI.

When we left to head into town we tried to drop a package into the FedEx box.  The plastic envelope got wet from the rain, the FedEx box was wet and I could not get the package to slide down into the drop area.  Even with my orangutan arms I could not reach down far enough to show it in.  I was getting frustrated, and coming off a bad grumpy period and so I slammed my finger in the box.  My cancer is in my pulmonary system, lymph nodes and bone, but my nerves are so very super sensitive.  They have taken it personal and anything affecting my nerves in anyway is magnified out of reasonableness.  My finger throbbed and sent nasty messages to my brain all the way into town.  I feel so silly, but life on your last nerve can be a challenge.  Sound, smells, light were all intensified by this simple little hit on my finger.  Oh, and of course, my digestive system did not care for that either. 

Hospice came by for their weekly visit and were a bit taken back how much I had physically gone downhill.  I would have to say in the last say 10 days I have probably eaten five of them.  Most of that was toast from Ms Moon's wonderful blue potato whole grain bread.  It is so good.  Bug knows if I haven't eaten he can always tempt me with a piece of Moon toast.  I was able to eat one piece of toast after the finger incident that evening.   We brought my lunch home and Bug enjoyed it for dinner.  The toast did not make it through the night, but at least I had something in my stomach.  Finally around noon yesterday I was able to eat some biscuit with cheese.  I sipped water all day.  I do not want to dehydrate, and at this point I really can't afford to get any weaker.  This is just the end of fall, not even winter yet, and the cold wears on me.  I don't need to get so weak that it is a simply stomach issues that takes me out. 

Bug had pulled on his boots and headed up to Valdosta to the commissary at Moody AFB.  We try and buy most of our canned and dried goods there because they are often 50% off a normal grocery, sometimes more.  Fresh food really isn't any cheaper or better, so we buy local for those, but it is a great help to be able every couple of months to load up on cans and dried products.  By the time he got home he looked pretty pooped out and beaten down.  I was in no better shape having not eaten, neither had he.  He had some of Ms Moon's soup.  I had a bowl of cornflakes with banana.  Not what I normally would ask for, but it just sounded good.  Oh, and it was delicious.  The best bowl of corn flakes I think I have ever tasted.  Then I ate a few slices of apple, then a digestive biscuit, which is simply a not very sweet cookie common in Europe.  Pretty bland, but perfect for my tummy.  But that was a lot of food and I was miserable, but I could tell that it was exactly what I needed to stop the cycle of decline.  I was starting to get nervous.  But this morning I woke up this morning with a cup of decaffeinated Earl Grey and cinnamon buns.  All compliments of my sweetie.  I feel better than him now.  He is sleeping on the couch.  The trip had taken a big toll on him.  Not falling for my normal routine, I am sitting right here on my slider and spending the day crocheting.  Maybe I can feel up to fixing us something to eat later.  Like heat up some more of Ms Moon's soup.  We freeze it 2 serving sizes so we have it at a moment's heating.  Her love just keeps on giving and giving.

The raccoons have struck our chickens.  We lost John C and Rose.  I feel like the worst mother in the entire world.  Ms Moon has her original rooster.  Elvis is doing just fine and is a wonderful rooster.  I am not able to seem to build a secure enough coop.  We know it was not Edna because the chickens were outside of her fenced area.  Also my honey's camera showed us the culprits.  So he will get a trap and rethink this coop before we get our spring flock.  If I have the heart to once again.  I can't imagine my life without chickens.  Our ducks are wonderful, and I love them dearly, but they are not chickens.  That must be why they call them ducks, not chickens.  hee hee

To try and wrap this up on a positive note.  I spilt my bottle of the gabapentin that I take for the neuropathy.  I was getting so bad that typing on the computer was hard, but hand writing was almost impossible.  We had tried increasing the dosage and it just seemed to get worst not better.  I was off it a couple of days because of spilling them and then being sick and not wanting to take any medicine when I was having my digestive issues.  I finally got my new bottle, but I had noticed that a lot of my neuropathy issues were not so bad.  I have been like 2 weeks now off the med, and I can not feel my feet, my hands still fall asleep and I have some minor twitching, but it is like a million times better.  I looked at the side effects.  Jerking is the second most common side effect.  This med is for nerve issues.  It is just crazy.  I have since gone back and relooked at all my meds and I am adjusting back to see really how much I need.  It is so easy to just take the meds and not really think about it.  There can be so many, and the nurses and doctors are trying as hard as they can, but ultimately it is up to me to figure out what works and what doesn't.

The sun is shining, the sky if that deep blue of fall.  Most of the beautiful autumn leaves are gone with the rain and the freeze.  From my perch upstairs the world is gorgeous.  The heater is slowly humming keeping the house a toasty 70 degrees.  Even wrapping up in warm clothes and blankets, keeping the temperature any lower seems to effect me in a negative way.  So, 70 degrees during the day, 68 at night.  My little r2d2 air shushing machine keeps the bedroom more than warm enough for me with my sleep sweats.

So a lazy group here today.  Lunch will be bananas and strawberries with yogurt.  Hopefully that will help my tummy as much as it will make my taste bugs happy.  So very sorry for all of you north of us dealing with those crazy temps and snow.  We suffer with you, not nearly a much, but for us, this is quite unpleasant.  A little early for this kind of cold, but no one asked us.  Here's hoping you are safe and warm. 


  1. It was nice to see your sweetie. When he got here he said, "Were you on the phone with my beautiful wife?"
    And I said, "Yes. I was on the phone with your beautiful wife."
    I'm so glad that you've been able to eat some of the bread. I will make more.

  2. I am glad that Ms. Moon is keeping you in bread and bringing things that you like to eat. I am sorry about the chickens.

    We are warm here although there were two days of below freezing temperatures. Luckily, we put up another green house so we saved all the cold intolerant plants.

    Take care.