Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, August 22, 2014

Congratulations, you have been accepted by Big Bend Hospice

The social worker came yesterday and I told her how important it was to this over achiever to be accepted by Hospice, and so she stuck out her hand and told me congratulations.  She thought it was funny.  Most people she said struggle with having to go into hospice.  It was nice to have someone with my outlook.  I asked her if I would get thrown out if I did not die fast enough.  She was a little taken aback but saw that it was a real question and assured me that if I was to leave hospice we would tackle that then.

We talked about our lives and I explained how normal was just not part of my world.  My Dad dressed up like Hernando Desoto and travelled around the world.  I have had a Klingon accuse me of being a neighbor.  I have ridden across Alaska on a motorcycle and then Bug and I rode across the entire continent and back on his Harley.  That life has been filed with adventure and I was ready to see what happens next.  We had a nice visit and then today my nurse came by for our first meeting.  I am officially all set up and ready to go.

Then, yes there is more to life, this morning Bug took me out for breakfast at the Huddle House and then drove over to our old place where I picked up a lot of plants I had planted for this house. Then I drove home, unpacked the plants and laid down on my white quilt and enjoyed a quiet relaxing day.  Carolyn came by for a visit, a few phone calls and the nurse, that was a full afternoon.  I just laze on the bed, just enjoying the feeling of being right where I should be.

I was proud of what I accomplished today, just like a real person.  My life is happy and fulfilling.  I do what I can, I rest when I can't.  I mean how perfect can life get?  I don't know because it just keeps getting better and better.