Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, June 23, 2014

Watermelon Festival

At one time, Jefferson County was the largest watermelon seed grower in the United States.  Today watermelons are still grown here, but it is not the cash crop that it once was.  But this was the 64th Annual Watermelon Festival and although there was no bed race this year, there were lots of activities for the week.

Carolyn and I went to the Fashion Show and had a wonderful time.  How fun to get to watch friends and neighbors as they strutted and spun around the tables in the Opera House showing fashions available from Wag The Dog Thrift store.

Friday Bug and I got our new driver's license.  Actually it is not a bad photo, and now I guess it is official.  We now live at Casa Bianca.  Well, according to the paperwork.  We are hoping to start moving over for real this week.  Bug finished the bamboo floor in the bedroom and it is beautiful.  I am getting so excited to see how everything comes together.

After getting our driver's license we went for my bone treatment.  After the treatment we drove home and I laid down and rested.  I fell hard asleep and woke up in time to throw some clothes on and head up to the Opera House to meet the girl's to see 2014: A Space Oddity.  It was written by my friend Judi and her grand daughter Kaya.  It was full of fun space facts, dancing, and singing.  I sat in awe watching these young people, as young as 5 years old.  All but one looked completely at ease.  These kids have grown up on that stage and now they dance across those boards with grace and ease.  I loved the show and watching these talented young people as they performed.  The one girl, had a solo and stood out amongst the entire cast because she was so uncomfortable.  When she sang she looked up at the balcony running across the back of the stage.  When the others danced, as natural as if they did it all of their lives, she barely moved.  I thought how much I would love to see her in the future to see how she too becomes as comfortable on that old stage as the rest of the kids.  The costumes, simple, bright, comfortable and fun.  Carolyn, Judy, Denise and I had a great time and clapped and whooped and cheered for our kids.  I have always loved being a part or coming to see the "Children's" play.  I have gotten to play a grandmother cat to these kids.  I have stage managed a couple shows back before Abby starting stage managing.  I have been in other plays with these kids, and it is one of my greatest joys in life.  Holding hands and dancing across those beautiful old boards with them as children and now as they are grown.  I was so very proud of Olivia.  She was a Hambone and also played the part of Princess Layla with 'Fun space facts from Star Wars'.  She has two extremely talented older siblings, and the younger ones coming up also show amazing gifts, and from this group, sweet Olivia smiles and dances across the stage and our hearts.  Woohoo, Olivia!!!  I also thought Damaris who was Weirdo Wackadoo, was amazing.  That little girl has a stage personality that fills and overflows.  I had just seen a TV ad about Maleficent, and if the Director had seen Damaris in this part, Angeline would have been out of the part.

I am so fortunate to live in a place with a beautiful opera house as the center of our community.  And then to get to play in that house.  Or to sit in the audience and watch so much talent, young and old, and cheer them on.  Wow, I just love this community.  I am so fortunate to live in a small town.  A town, I picked out to live, and I have never been disappointed.  In a short seven years I have planted my roots deep and long in this place and I am so grateful that my honey has also fallen in love with this place.  I can't wait to move and be closer to town.  We will related more to downtown Monticello instead of relating to I-10 and Hwy 19.  It will be a real change, and I am grateful to find a home that we have been able to make into our own.  And it is all ours.  We have paid our way as we have gone and as much work as the house has been to get it ready to move in.  Knowing that it is all ours and we have land and beautiful trees and quiet.

After watching the children's play and clapping my hands red, the four of us decided to go get ice cream at Marcie's new shop.  It is a coffee/ice cream shop with bike rentals and I am sure other fun things.  We walked not quite a block and came across Katrina's with the wonderful ice cream sandwiches made from home made chocolate chip cookies and home made ice cream.  We started to walk over to sit and listen to the music, but it was another maybe 3 blocks, and I could not go.  Just thinking about it sent my stomach into major issues and I walked with great urgency back the two blocks to my car.  I had to stop one time to rest, but my stomach rushed me on.  By the time I got home and ran into the door I was hit with the delicious smells coming from the kitchen with my sweet man making us dinner.  By the time I made it to my hot wonderful meal I was a sobbing poor me mess.  I hiccuped my way through tears that I could no longer walk 3 blocks with my friends, and I couldn't even cook dinner for my husband.  He held me until the tears quit and I ate his wonderful dinner.  I took another pain pill and that was when I realized how much pain I was in. 

Saturday morning we got up and I was over myself.  We headed up town to watch the Watermelon Festival Parade.  Bug and I had looked at a house on Hwy 19, about 3 blocks from the courthouse when we were looking for houses for ourselves and his parents.  We had looked at this house and had discarded the idea for us because it was on a main road.  We discarded it for his parents because there were lots of steps to get into the house.  It is an historical home and has hardwood floors, high ceilings, lots of windows and a fire place in almost every room.  It was a lovely place to watch the parade and there were mimosas, quiche, sausage biscuits, fruit and banana bread.  Many of the stage company players were there and as always it was so much fun to spend time with them. 

We clapped, cheered and laughed with a running commentary of a very southern parade in a small town often referred to as "Mayberryesq" (yes, I made that word up).  First came the police, then the sheriff followed by the various volunteer fire departments and EMS.  Then came a flow of politicians and queens.  There was the Miss Watermelon Queen, the Miss Teen Watermelon Queen, the itty bitty queen, the king, the little bigger queen and so on until we had about half a dozen watermelon royalty.  There were also visiting queens from Perry and to all of our joy and amazement, a Moon Pie Princess and Queen.  The Moon Pie Princess was adorable and tiny.  She wore her tiara with style and grace and a pair of sunglasses that finished this 2 year old off with total Moon Pie attitude.  I never saw the queen, I was so enamored by the princess.  We also had a preacher screaming his version of the gospel on a microphone as he rode his float by.  Following the preacher, who, yes, was Baptist, Calvary Baptist, was the Sons of the Confederacy.  We all looked at each other, and went yep, we are in the south.  It was not a big parade but it took about an hour.  There were a lot of breaks in the parade and many found this to be helpful to freshen up their mimosas.  All in all, a very good time was had by all.

But asked me if I wanted to walk around the festival downtown, but I was not able to do so.  We drove home, rested and then he headed over to finish the floor in the bedroom.  I think I laid down.  Sunday we worked at the house.  I painted floor boards and helped to mop the floor.  He finished the details in the bedroom like putting the newly painted base boards back on.  We watched soccer.  I was tired and uncomfortable.  I mean more than normal.  I am not always tired and hurting.  Okay, maybe I am, but there are different levels and I was pegging out.  Then I realized that I had experienced bone pain and nausea from the previous bone treatments.  That helped remembering that.  Or maybe I only want to think that had happened.  Regardless, it helped to think that.

I didn't get to walk around downtown during the festival, but I went to the fashion show, saw the play and the parade.  I celebrated summer, sweet juicy red fruit with seeds to spit and clapped and cheered along with the other people in this community I love so much.

Next Friday I will attend a class on the chemo I will start taking.  I asked the precious Ms Allison if I really had to take this class.  She said she would check for me because it is not as if I am a newbie with chemo. But if I need to take a class to take this, no problem, I will.  I know that I might be opening myself up to all those horrid side effects that come with shooting WMDs into my port and letting it course through my veins hopefully slowing the little c more then it will wipe me out.

Today I spent in bed resting.  I slept some, but mostly just rested, read a little and with out much to do, made dinner for my honey when he gets here from our home.  We are both looking forward to being there. Waking up there and working.  Relaxing in that the Florida room, listening to the trees and the birds.  I need to start working on the sofa covers.  It will not be bad once I get the first one made.  But until I get that first one done, I will have to fight my lack of self confidence.

I think I will go and rest some more before Bug gets home. 


  1. You still astound me with what all you do and accomplish. Truly, Kathleen. You do.

  2. You are amazing, Kathleen. I don't comment much, but your blog has such an impact . You are a hero to all of us in Camellia. Have a great move into your new house!