Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Treatment #6 and taking a little break

We took a break from the wedding and went to see my Dad.  We got to take him out to dinner at the Riverfront Cafe on Sunday evening and then Monday morning he was up bright and early so we took him up to Norma Rae's for breakfast.  He loves to go out for breakfast.  Shoot he likes being able to get out of the house, for any meal or to go shopping or whatever, just to get out of that quiet lonely house.  He had a Reuben sandwich for breakfast, chips, pickle and all.  He seemed quite happy.

I got his clothes packed for the wedding and helped him with some appointments and adding addresses into his book.  It was just nice to spend time with him.  I also got to see Rob and Tom and families.  The kids are great.  Nathaniel is so focused and working on his Eagle Scout project getting it wrapped up. He is also very active in his church, working on picking out a college, visiting his lovely girlfriend, Heidi and generally being a good guy. Christopher is wonderful as always.  He is going to raise rabbits and he is practicing his cello and riding his bike and helping to take care of his grandfather along with his older brother.  Jessica is as sweet and precious and vivacious as the perfect flower girl for a wedding.  Her ribbon dress and wings are ready.  They are purple, yellow and pink and she will carry a purple basket and be such a lovely flower fairy.  I will finish Jong Ae's ribbon dress today.  She is going to take photos for us.  She has experience taking photos.

After we left Dad's we headed across the state to Titusville to visit Bug's parent's and his Aunt Doris and Uncle Herb. Aunt Doris's birthday was Tuesday and we were going to go out to lunch together.  We left Dad's later so that I could spend another house with him, so instead of going to Titusville and finding a hotel before getting to visit the family for an hour or so.  So instead we pointed the toy north and decided to stay with Hobbie in Daytona and take her out to Caribbean Jack's for Mahi.  They have the most amazing Mahi sandwich.  Bug and I eat it every time we go to Daytona.  He likes his blackened, I like my grilled.  He gets the bacon off my sandwich, and I don't even consider eating the bun, it is too much food  with the fries or onion rings.  I would rather eat all my fish and the lettuce and tomato that goes with the sandwich.  A lovely chipolte sauce adds a nice bite of spice.  I highly recommend it.  We had such a lovely evening and morning with Hobbie.  She is so smart and fun and joyful and is just so nice to everyone.  Col. Bill is up in the cold north but will be down this coming weekend for Bike Week.  That is where Bug and I will spend our first week of our honeymoon.  We will have our regular bedroom and it will be so much fun surrounded by such happy, fun partier people.  The next week we will spend at the Suwanee Music Fest at Spirit of the Suwanee.  Because I have chosen not to stop the chemo, but instead try to keep up one every 3 - 4 weeks.  I have another Pet Scan planned for the end of March and then a treatment after that.  April will be another weird month in that we are going to Angel City for a Rally, so trying to schedule treatments will revolve around our honeymoons.  But after that most of the honey moon trips around my treatments.  Except for August, I want to ride with Bug to Sturges and Milwaukee.  It is the 110th Anniversary of Harley and we would both love to go there this year together.

Tuesday we headed down to Titusville.  We picked up the loveliest pink lilies for Aunt Doris.  Bug had already bought her a birthday card.  We met them at the house long enough to say to Uncle Herb who would not be able to go with us.  When Bug walked in he said "Hey, Bob" so he appeared to recognize Bug.  That was a pleasant surprise.  We had lunch at a Super Chinese Buffet.  Aunt Doris picked it out.  She is delightful, a real firecracker.  We barely kept up with her when we followed her to the restaurant.  She shot down the road leaving us in her dust.  They call her the Silver Bullet.   Her brother wanted to take her out for her birthday, but Aunt Doris had a coupon for a free buffet on her birthday.  She is an extremely intelligent, independent fire cracker.  He voice carries the throatiness of years of smoking, now a habit no longer used.  She speaks directly and her years as a nurse and a supervisor gives her a quirky sense of humor, but looks you straight in the eyes.  She holds a MS degree, quite an achievement for a woman her age.  Especially one who has suffered so much loss.  The death of her first husband and both of her sons.  The devastating stroke to Uncle Herbie taking the kindest man away from her.  That is how she describes him.  She told me that Bug's Mother loves me.  I said I pay her a dollar every day.  Doris did that raspy harsh laugh and told me that I was okay.

We had a wonderful time at lunch.  Aunt Doris did not eat the first bite of Chinese food.  She did eat a slice of pizza and some ham and a deviled egg.  That was about it, but she seemed quite happy and everyone else was impressed with how much she ate.  She is diminutive physically, but huge with life and personality.  I really liked her a lot.

After lunch and way more photos then Aunt Doris was happy about Bug and I drove back up to Daytona.  We had planned on driving home but there were strong storm passing here at home, and we really didn't want to drive all the way home through thunderstorms when we could spend another night with Hobbie.  Really a no brainer.  We stayed home and grilled veggies and chicken over power greens.  A big lovely healthy meal overflowing with wonderful red wine.  We laughed and talked and Bug convinced Hobbie to create wax art.  It was a wonderful wonderful night. The next morning we headed home with the weather behind us. It had been a wonderful get away getting to see Dad and Bug's parents and Aunt Doris and sweet Hobbie.  It was relaxing and no worries about the avalanche of stuff that needs to get done this week.  But we have come back relaxed and happy and closer having spent sometime together instead of working.  Sigh, it was much needed especially with treatment #6 the day after we got back.

We rested Wednesday after our travels and the next day, even though it was a bit nippy, when we climbed on to the black cherry Harley and drove north to the Oncology Center.  I guess I was a bit depressed last visit.  Well, finding out that I had to keep up the treatments and I had been so very very sick for those first four treatments, I was not convinced that I wanted to spend the rest of my life sick.  But I realize now that most of my being sick was not the cancer or the WMD, but the flu.  The flu has made me way more sick then the cancer itself.  Some of the chemo made me this sick, but that was more then a year ago.  Treatment 5 has gone much better.  No flu, better attitude and being proposed to on Valentine's Day all helped for me to walk into the center with a smile on my face and ready to start this new life with more WMDs.  Dr. May was so happy and when she walked in the room, she looked directly at me to judge my mood.  She had gone to all my nurses last treatment and they had talked to me about being more open to treatments, that it would get better.  Leslie told Dr. May not to worry that she felt sure that after I had talked to Bug I would be more willing to give the WMDs another try.  She was right, and Dr. May was so relieved.  So the end of this month another PetScan and treatments.   I also want to go see the Amazing Dr. McCutie Pie within the next month or two also.  I have asked again that he be sent my records. I just like having his eyes involved, and his heart and his sense of humor.  How lucky am I to have such amazing people all cheering for me.

We are in count down, one week from today.  I need to get some ribbons and materials to make corsages and hair wreaths and other floral decorations.  Thursday I will purchase the flowers and food.  Friday will be last minute house and yard work and family and friends coming in.  Hopefully I can get the flowers for our hair done then also.  Saturday the cakes will come and I will add the flowers to it and then have a cover dish luncheon with a wedding .......and cake...... and champagne...........and pink lemonade............and flowers.

Back into the thick of wedding plans.  Bug's parents should be back in a couple of days.  They are spending a little time with Aunt Doris while I recover from the WMDs.  I am handling things fine, but I do need a lot of sit down and quiet time.  I am tired, but I always am these first couple of days.  Partly because I do not sleep well on the steroids, and despite the promises of the nurse, the roids do not increase my appetite.  Quiet the opposite.  But all in all I am able to get up and get some things done, and that felt good.  I am resting more though.  A little rest and a little work that is the balance to be met.  Hmmmm, I guess that is a good idea for any day of the week.

Well, off to get some things taken care of, and to get my big book shelf in the living room emptied and cleaned, maybe even get the carpet vacuumed under it.  That woud be a very good idea.  It is cold.  Just wrong, wrong cold here.  My flowers in the yard are drooping under the cold, and it is supposed to get even colder tomorrow night.  I don't like the cold.  This is don't leave the house cold.  And for all of you living in the frigid north.  I realize that you are dealing with much worse temperatures, but I could not live there.  So I can whine all I want.

I don't like cold.
But I am still so happy snuggled up with my honey inside the house, staying warm.

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  1. My goodness dear girl, we are all keeping ourselves waiting to hear about the wedding... but the work that goes into getting it organised is amazing and hard, and yet you are doing it all, [standing on your head.. as they say...] It is wonderful that you are able to share with your friends and family this special day together, despite your visits to the docs... so.. we are waiting with bated breath to see how your wedding goes... God Bless you both and keep you safe. May your wedding be a lesson in love and happiness.. and a long life lived together would just be the icing on the cake... if wishes can be true, then yours will come true too!! Hugs from across the pond, Janzi