Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was Perfect

The day dawned with blue skies and bright sunshine reflecting off the azaleas.  The yard was lovely.  The day cool but perfect.  A little before noon clouds tumbled in and the wind picked up, but well before 2:30 when we finally made that procession through the flowers and friends and family the sun glowed through the trees.  It sparkled on bright eyes of those standing together to share their love and joy with us.

Smiles, tears, laughter and flower petals filled the air and swirled with the yellow pollen into our hair and covering our cars.  Everything was perfect.  The cake, the flowers, the people, the love, my handsome husband.  Everything was just perfect.  We were married under a cover with tulle swirling in white and gold.  The Harley's stood guard across the back.  Loved ones clustered in the trees taking photos like paparazzi.  My Dad looked liked the fine Southern father.  Bug's parents smiled and held hands supporting us from their side.  Bug's daughter along with her son, Kensington, and her honey, Ken surprised us and came for the wedding.  A friend from my past, surprised me and showed up and took lots of photos.  

It was a day of magic and surprises.  My dearest friends were there.  Linda, one of my two best friends from college asked me what shoes I was wearing for the wedding.  After determining that my white ballet slippers, the only almost appropriate pair of shoes for this day, were covered in chicken manure from when I had to rush into the coop one night late after the Opera House, were not going to cut it.  So she and Susan bought me a beautiful pair, and Linda ended up being my wedding planner and she and Susan, Lynne, Sioux and Vicki worked with Bug's Mother and Daughter and everything was perfect. 

His parents bought the bride's cake, we bought the groom's cake.  My Dad bought the flowers, and all the precious loved ones brought food and ice and drink.

It was just perfect.  I will tell you more soon, but I wanted to get something posted.  I am a very happily married woman now.  Something I could never have imagined.  I married my best friend, my pal, my buddy, my love, and we are even happier each moment we look into each other's smiles.  Monday I walked around the yard and just thought how perfect my life is.  When I moved here there were no gardens, no flowers, no camellias, no azaleas.  And now, on our wedding dance, flowers danced in the breeze with white, pink and purple.

Here are some of the happy moments:

Mom and Dad and the bride cake

A proud Papa and his grandson, Kensington

Here comes the bride and groom

A Celtic hand tying ceremony with my Vicki

Friends, Flowers and Family

A blessing with Geeta, Anvi and Janak

Family photo

The Groom's cake

My Fairy Flower Girl, Jessica and her Mom, JongAe, Dad in the background

Dad and Vicki

Vicki, Linda, Sioux, Kathleen, Susan, Lynne, my dearest precious ones
 It was perfect.  Thank you who were able to be with us.  Thank you for those who sent sweet wishes, Thank you to all who thought of us.  It was the love of our friends and families that brought us together to celebrate this sweet almost spring day.  It was friends who shared food and drink for making it so sweet.  Thank you to who shared gifts, you were too generous and we love you all so very much.

Thank you for a perfect day
thank you for a perfect wedding
thank you for a shared time with such sweet precious friends
thank you for giving me this amazing memory
of love
and joy
and sharing
and celebrating
and cherishing
and being in one of those few most perfect moments, and during that time, we all shared that moment. 
That sweet precious moment in our life
and it was perfect


  1. Oh, I have been waiting for a wedding day post! I was thinking of you on Saturday and knew the weather was fine. Blessings to you both.

  2. Congratulations, Kathleen !!!

    May your life together be the very finest !

  3. So happy for you! It looks like a wonderful day.

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple ~ how fun to see the photos. The groom's cake is SO COOL!!!

  5. What a wonderful post Kathleen! Such a handsome couple, and I loved your sweet fairy flower-girl (and tell her I said so!). Many congratulations and many best wishes xxxxxx
    love pamela.

  6. Congratulations Kathleen. I am soooo happy for you !! I was hoping a wedding was in your future with Bug. May you both be blessed with many loving years together.

  7. Congratulations to you both, and millions of hugs coming your way... thank you so much for sharing your special day with all of us... almost like we were there too!! Its been absolutely magical to be able to know how happy you are all in being in this marriage, and may it last forever.. So happy days are here for you at last, share them well, because you both are so special to a lot of people in the world.. xx janzi