Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, I have finally gone to a zumba class.  I think a majority of women have attended a zumba class.  Most woman I have talked to who have attended a class enjoyed it.  And what is not to enjoy.  Thirty to forty women all crowded into the boy scout hall, jumping and dancing, shimming, undulating, shaking, wiggling and laughing and clapping and arms and legs a flying.  There was every shape, size, color and age of women there.   Most of these women looked like they knew the routines or I think they call them dances.  The instructor is a short energetic woman who loves what she does.  She hopped and swung her arms which I finally realized was code as to what to do next.  Carolyn and I worked our way to the back of the room where we flailed and tripped and stumbled and sweated and twisted our heads like owls to watch the instructor.  The class started at 5:30pm on the dot.  Seriously.  The Instructor says, one minute and all the socializing and giggling and talking moved into lines and they got into position.  The room was cold, but after the first two dances most stripped down to their zumba clothes.  I moved constantly and kept my jacket on well into the second half of the class.  I was moving, but since more energy was being used up for thinking and trying to figure out the ever changing pattern of foot work and arm movement, I think the blood was flooding my brain more then it was moving through the rest of me.  But by half way I wasn't watching the clock anymore.  I had started to get enough of the steps so that I could keep moving all the way through a dance, regardless of what the rest of the room was doing.

These women are amazing.  Most of them look fabulous and can shimmy and roll and wiggle and shake and vibrate and undulate in beat to the music.  I remained standing upright, so that was huge for me.  Carolyn and I smiled at each other on rare occasion.  The rest of the time we just kept moving.  Moving.  Moving.  Shuffling, stepping, hopping and dancing.  The last five minutes of the class is a dancing yoga style cool down.  That is my favorite part of the class. 

We enjoyed ourselves enough to say we would meet again last night.  I worked at the Opera House during the day.  Most of Jefferson County had travelled in mass to Tallahassee to try and dissuade the closure of the Jefferson Correctional Institute (JCI).  This is our state correction facility located in our rural county.  They are the largest employer in Jefferson county and this closure is going to affect our economy significantly.  I held down the fort.  I did a little filing, answered the phone, took reservations and finished writing the draft of the minutes from our January Board Meeting.  I got to visit with Judy, Jack and Jan as they came in to work on the set for Nobody's Perfect  

After Lisa got back and I was no longer needed at the office, and they were not ready for me to really start painting on the stage yet, I headed over to the Flying Eagle, our boyscout hall where I worked on a scarf while I waited for the class.  There were about half as many woman last night that had been the previous night.  There were also a few women who had not been at the class last night.  The music started up and off we went.  After the first dance Carolyn looked at me and said she could feel it in her legs.  I could feel it in my abdomen.  We giggled back at each other and reminded ourselves, that this is why we were there.  To move.  Just to move.  The music thrummed on, some dances were Middle Eastern music like what a belly dancer might use, others were salsa, there was even a couple more rap like.  The strangest were the ones that sounded like all the above to me.  The hour swept by faster then the previous night.  I don't think I was any better then the night before because there were muscles that were whining, just a little.  Not real pain as much as I was noticing muscles I wasn't aware of. 

When I got up this morning and looked in the mirror I think I could see a difference.  Nothing big, but since I have so little body fat when a muscle changes even a little it looks different.  Or was it just in my mind?  I am not sure, but I feel better about myself.  Carolyn and I planned on going again tonight, but I realized that I have a Stage Company Board Meeting and then to rehearsal.  This next week is a bit tricky for me in that I am now involved in two plays, so I have to coordinate rehearsals. 

I am down to the last 4 inches to weave on my shawl.  I did the first six and a half feet in less actual weaving time then the last 6 inches.  I am getting there.  Even if I just weave a nail or two a day, I am still determined to get this shawl done.  My goal is to be able to have the weaving done before the Super Bowl so I can start knotting it off during the game. 

The weather here is gray.  We might get a little rain, but only spotty

Bob and his ball

Harry, the old man

Edna, okay doesn't she look crazy?  that thing around her next keeps
her distracted enough to leave the rest of us alone
Henry, after Edna had just stuck her nose where Henry did not think it belonged
 Not much new here.  Lots of fun things planned for the rest of the week, and of course it is Superbowl on Sunday.  Then next week, busy with rehearsals, zumba and trying to get my shawl done so I can finally work on some other project for a while.  I don't mind starting another shawl, but it will not have the pressure to finish as this first one has.

It is hard to complain about this winter.  The sun peeks out once in a while, raising hopes of warmer weather, but honestly, it is not that cold, just an illusion.  But a quick walk around the yard found my pink perfection camellia blooming
truly pink, truly perfect

A variegated Frank Hundly, bigger then my hand
A pretty wonderful day.  Yes, it is gray, and muggie, but the doors are open, the dogs are getting attention from mom, the flowers are blooming.  Time to play with friends tonight, a little yoga this afternoon and life is good.  Just life.  Just an everyday sort of life.  Just living it, cleaning the kitchen, planning on Super Bowl food, working on my weaving.  This is life.  These are those everyday moments we all have, and once in a while the sun comes out and lifts our hearts and spirits and allows time to just stop for a  moment and look out the door, or step out on the porch, and think I am glad to notice this very moment.

Today would have been my husband's 61st birthday.  Tuesday would have been our 26th wedding anniversary if only............  But life did not turn out that way.  No, life took a different journey.  I see the steps, the actions, I see the consequences, I see how I got where I did.  Every possibility is out there.  And this is where all those possibilities brought me.  I love where I live.  I love my property and all the possibilities it gives me.  I love all the possibilities for my life.  So many fun things to do.  So much love to share with beloved ones.  Yep, possibilities.  They make life so much more interesting. 


  1. Haven't visited in a while - neat to check in and see your furry babies :)

  2. What a lovely post, Kathleen...

    I actually bought some Zumba dvds so I can do it at home. Need it badly, but my knee is bad and so I think slow and sure at home might be best. (That, and I'd have to drive 30 miles one way to go to a class.)

    Your camellia is gorgeous.

    Ah, yes....possibilities....