Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Preview Show

Our dress rehearsals are used as a fund raiser for the local Altrusia Chapter here in Monticello. They are a great group to run our last rehearsal for, and still get to think of it as a rehearsal. It has also helped Altrusia to raise over the last 5 years approximately $15K for their scholarships and assistance to our community. Not bad. Not bad for a tiny rural community, pulling together. One group gets to try a few things  out on an audience before opening night and the other gets to raise money to return to our community. We get people who are there to support us and laugh and have a wonderful time. The cast and crew get to see where the laughs might be.

We had a lovely evening.  Some of the actors were not pleased with their performance last night, but I have to say, the audience loved them. They had no idea the lines were not said in order, or at all. After all they do not have a script in front of them, so how do they know what we get right or wrong. But the characters were there and shining bright. They were funny, they melded together beautifully, and the sound effects were on cue. Okay, I have to move where I start playing the concerto. I played it on cue last night but there was so much laughter and applause, that you could not hear it. I will move it up a half dozen lines or so and build it to the end so by the time the audience is clapping I can have the music loud enough to play over the joy of the precious ending.

Here are photos of my little tech stage and the set:

my tech stage
Where I work the spot light and the sound effects
Lenny's apartment

Harriet's office isn't Fabio fantastic, he can be yours.......if you win the raffle
Pat, Jan and I met this afternoon and set the tables.  George came in and set his table up with little heart shaped boxes of chocolates for the ladies in his party tonight.  He also put a sign on the table "Gus's Girls".  He plays the gram pa, Gus in the play.  He is so sweet and thoughtful, and always a pleasure to get to work with.

Then when I stopped at my mail box there was a package from my Dad. Inside was a valentine present from him.  I opened up the cardboard box to find a cigar box from our friend Luis Martinez Giraldo.  This is a box he gave dad last summer when we were in Spain.  It had some of Luis's personal cigars with his label.  The box, as you can see below is so beautiful with all the cigar art work.  Inside was a valentine wish written out, a bag of chocolates and a key ring.  The key ring has our Christmas slogan on it.  Nice key chain.  this may be the most special valentine I have ever received.   It made me so happy.

My valentine from my Dad
I have been so emotional lately.  Probably because I am tired.  Whatever it makes me appreciate happiness more.  So I think that I will go lay down for an hour.  I can take a little nap and be ready for tonight.

A special moment today with Edna.  She was just sweet.  Well behaved precious, sweet, loving.  I think she is starting to grow up.  I think part of it is having Other Bob interact with her.  Just having friends come over and spend time here gives the dogs another person to be around.  It changes the dynamics from person against dog.  To pack mentality and that is a place that Edna understands better.   I said, "Stay, good girl" and she sat down and stayed.  That is huge for her.  Huge.  And I rewarded her with lots of hugs and loving. 

A good day. Tonight we will open the show.  Dress rehearsals are done.  Practice is over.  This is for real tonight.  We are ready.  Life is good.  The show is precious.  I got all of my valentine's in the mail today so I feel very accomplished.  I feel loved with my first valentine for the year.  I do not expect any others.  I didn't expect this one.  Such a lovely sweet precious gift.  I hope that people get a kick out of my little valentine's.  And next week, on Tuesday Valentine's Day will be Harry's 14th birthday.  How special.  I never ever dreamed I would be gifted enough to still have him in my life.  My old man.   My sweet old hairy man.  My little hairy boy.  My giant chocolate baby.  Yep, my heart and eyes are leaking a little today.  Just like the sky.  Not big heavy moisture, just a little precious leaking.  See you at the theater tonight.  I will be the one behind the spot.  The one lighting the actors lives and ringing their bells.  that is what George told me I do for them.  I like that even if he is talking about my tech work.  That is what I do and that makes me happy.

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  1. I know that you are going through some...things... which are uncomfortable and hell yes, worrisome, but my god, you looked so beautiful tonight. You did such a good job.
    You are like no one else, Kathleen. I love you.