Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, March 24, 2011

working at home

I woke up this morning about 3:00 am and my left ankle hurt.  Yes, this is the same ankle that I broke like 10 years ago.  Yes, the same one that I wore the brace on for 5 years.  And yes, it is the same one that when I was on the chemo with the first oncologist that swelled up, turned red and hurt...a lot.  So when I woke up this morning and my ankle hurt, it was just one too many side effects.  I have been having stomach issues, and of course the rash, which is much better, and the bruising.  Even my finger are bruised.  I have lot of bruises, but most of them I know where they came from, but I am not sure where any of the finger bruises came from.  Bruises means blood problems, maybe platelet.  

But the ankle has not swelled nor has it turned colors, but it does feel weak and quite uncomfortable.  So I stayed home and worked on the renewals instead of going into the office.  I have been able to work, but at a more relaxed pace and to keep my foot up.  I will pick up some ace bandages on my way to rehearsal tonight.  Even though it has not gotten as bad as it did before, my goal is to make sure that it does not.  It is no better now mid afternoon then this morning.  Sigh, hopefully this is it.  You never know with side effects exactly what will happen next.  But since none of my side effects have been that bad, this will not be either.

So I am busy stuffing the renewals for work and I will have them done today to mail tomorrow at work.  I also was able to order props on line for the play.  I have ordered a shrunken head, one that looks like a balding old white man.  And I ordered Virginia Jones' whip and satchel.  This weekend we will go to JoAnne Fabrics to get the material to make Thugee's cloak and Virginia's scarf.  Step by step the play is coming together.  We need to solidify our ideas for costumes.  We are close, very close.  There are 11 characters in the play, and I think we have 9 of the characters set.  We have ideas for the other 2.

Last night Ms Judy and I met at Ms Moon's and met Mr. K.  He is a dear friend of Ms Moon's from her high school days, and it is clear that they adore each other.  Not to be confused on how Mr and Ms Moon adore each other.  They adore each other as lovers and spouses as well as friends and parents and grandparents.  No, Ms Moon and Mr. K, who is also very happily married, adore each other like Vicki and I do.  As friends who have known each other for 30 plus years.  They have watched the other fall in love, get married, raise children, become grandparents and their friendship has grown and grown.  Their spouses get along, and the bottom line these are amazing people who you just can't help but adore.

I do adore Mr. Moon.  He is perfect with Ms Moon, and their love just glows.  And Mr. K, well, he was just adorable, and I can see why Ms Moon and he have stayed friends for all this time.  And I can see how Mr. Moon and Mr. K can be friends, because they both love and adore Ms Moon, and each is quite happy for their part in her life.  And I am sure that Mr. K's, Mrs. K is just as wonderful.  I hope to meet her one of these days.  

The chicks are wonderful, happy, eating, peeping, growing.  There are 2 that are already standing out as a little different then the other peeps.  Maybe they are roosters, maybe they are alpha hens.  One is a barred rock, the other might be a Plymouth.  I really don't know about the Plymouth, oh, but I do hope so.  I would love to have a great big white rooster.  But time will tell who are the roosters and I will pick out the one that I think will be the best protector of the hens and still be gentle to people.  

Another glorious day.  Sunny, blue sky, yada, yada, yada.  How lucky we are all that it is just another boring, glorious day in paradise.  

I am dealing with quite a few side effects, but really they have all been so minor.  And I like to get  side effects.  Yes, I know that seems weird, but if I am getting the side effects as describe on the pages of warnings, then that must mean that the chemical is working.  And the fact that I am not getting bad side effects means that it is a good match for me.  I have no idea if a doctor would agree with my assessment at all, but it is how I cope with what is happening.  So back to stuffing envelopes, and then up to the Spaghetti dinner/Gospel sing at the Woman's club tonight before rehearsal.  Tonight we will finish blocking Scene 2 and hopefully get Scene 3 blocked, and then Sunday we will run straight through Scenes 1 & 2 & maybe 3.  We would really like to get the play blocked, and then spend the rest of our rehearsals developing the characters and clean up any blocking.  But the rest will be mostly to just keep building in humor.  A glorious day, rehearsal, and then tomorrow lunch with my friend Carolyn and Saturday pick up what we need at JoAnn's and then Ms Judy and Ms Denise and I will have dinner at Harry's, a Cajun restaurant downtown Tallahassee.  Sunday rehearsal.  And plants to put in the ground and sunshine to twirl and dance in.  And dogs and cats and chickens to keep me company as I play in the yard.  Sigh I do have such a perfect life.  


  1. I sigh too, knowing I have so much to do but these beautiful days to do everything in, this life that holds so much.
    And hey- did you know that Target closed the garden center? Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo. Made me so sad. They had such interesting things there sometimes. Begonias...

  2. I like your gratitude. It is nice to realize that there is much to be grateful for.