Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, December 20, 2010

Marvelous Monday

I have a staff member who sends out emails with the day in the subject, such as "Marvelous Monday", "Terrific Tuesday", "Wonderful Wednesday" and "Fabulous Friday".  I can never remember what she calls Thursday.  I love her upbeat way of starting each email and seeing them always puts a smile on my lips.  And today was a Marvelous Monday.  I went to work and then ran by the Credit Union on my way to meet Ms Moon for lunch.  Who should try and sneak into the Credit Union with out being noticed but Ms Judy herself.  I reached over and slugged her arm.  She looked up with such a comical expression she made me laugh.  I told her I was getting ready to meet Ms Mary at the Red Elephant.  She looked back a little pitiful and told me that she was starving.  I couldn't help myself, but honestly it never occurred to me that I should try, I just laughed again and told her that I was hoping that she would join us.  How fun, a spontaneous luncheon party!!!!  And with 2 of my most favorite people in the world.  So off we headed and the three of us had a lovely lunch and such a good time talking and laughing together.  

As we each went our own ways, Mary to a beauty salon for ideas.  Ms Moon is playing Truvy in the Opera House Stage Company Production of Steele Magnolias.  Judy headed off to finish picking up the last few things on her shopping list and I was headed to the Lamont Post Office to figure out which of my packages, that I mailed a week ago Saturday that had been returned because the address label had fallen off.  I only had until 3 to make it there and fix this situation.  No worries, I was there with 15 minutes to spare, which for me is like a life time.  The mail courier and the office person were both there and greeted me like an old friend.  That reminds me I need to put an envelope in my mail box tomorrow for my mail delivery person.  She does an outstanding job and I like to give her a little baked treat and then a little cash treat.  She always leaves an official thank you note, but then writes something sweet on it also.  I love my mail person.  And this gentleman in the post office was so helpful and re taped my box after I had to open it to remember who it was going to, and then he let me upgrade it to Priority mail so that it would get there by Christmas.  This is the box that is most important to me to get there on time.  Not for the kids, but for the "dad".  I have bought him a fishing related shirt for the last 20 years, and he always acts like he appreciates it.  His wife once told me that he puts on his new shirt each Christmas, so now I feel obligated to get that box to them on time.  The Mail person assured me that Jim will be wearing his new fishing shirt on Christmas morning.  ah la, life is good.

I picked up my mail as I turned into Farm Boy and was thrilled to see so many lovely Christmas cards from so many dear beloveds.  One from my oldest nephew and his wife with a picture of their adorable son.  I wish they would write something on the card, but I guess I should just be happy that they send me a card.  I also saw one addressed from the son of a former co-worker.  I felt the tears well up in my eyes.  

I never used to cry so much.  I am not complaining, it is somehow very comforting to be able to so openly express my feelings whether in tears or laughter.  And I think as much as I cry more these days, I also laugh out loud more also.  

I opened the envelope from Fazal's son and was a little surprised to see my hands shaking.  I realized that I was somehow hoping that nothing really bad had happened, maybe Fazal was on a cruise and wasn't able to send a Christmas card.  We haven't spoken much since he left, just a couple of times, but we always sent each other cards at the holidays.  My worse fear came true and I mourn out loud for the loss of my dear friend.  I am still leaking heart tears, as Ms Moon puts it, now for him.  He was a good man.  A dedicated state employee.  A kind person.  A thoughtful man of peace.  He was Muslim and he taught me so many things.  And now he has gone.  He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2005 and died of metastatic prostrate cancer a few months ago when it returned.  I swear I don't fear my cancer as much as I hate this terrible disease.  Not for what it has done to me, but for it taking Fazal away from his family.  Fazal loved his family so much and was so very proud of each of his children and grand children.  He loved his wife very deeply.  He loved peace.  Tomorrow I will have to send out the email to his co-workers and let them know about his passing.  I loved Fazal very much and feel the loss more deeply then I could have imagined.  I know that most of that is because I respected him so much and his desire for peace in the world.

And now I am down to wrapping the last few presents, hopefully I can do that by Wednesday.  I am almost done with the last two presents I decided I had to make.  Ms Moon told Judy and I about one more present she has decided to make before Christmas.  I love her so much.  I am happy that I am not the only one that does this.  I love making presents for people.  I think of each person and I love getting to spend the time with them, even though they are not actually here.  They are in my heart and mind as I work on a project that I picked out based on things that I know about them.  I really don't care if they like the present as much as I enjoyed making it.  Of course that would be ideal.  But I get so much joy of just being able to make something for some one special in my life.

So Marvelous Monday.  I am sitting here surrounded by Christmas cards filled with loving wishes, and I am thinking of someone special as I make them a present.  But mostly, I am sitting here and remembering Fazal.  He used to always say, "For example........"  good by dear friend, you are remembered and loved by so many of us.  safe journey.


  1. Wasn't it a nice lunch? I was so glad to see Judy. She's so funny- acting like we'd mind if she was there too. Ha! It made it a party, as you said.
    I am so sorry about Fazal. I remember you telling me about him, how dear he was.
    Ah love. We all die sometime. So far- mortality rate- 100%. But it's so hard on the people left behind. I will send my good thoughts to his family. And to you, too.
    I am washing my fabric for my one home-made present. And Waylon won't even care one bit! But I will.
    I sure do love you, darling.
    Thanks for the hummus. It was good.
    So are you.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer does suck. I wish you a joyous Christmas, Kathleen.

  3. sending love tonight, Kathleen.