Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Morning

I slept through the night.  I did not wake up one time, I did not have cold sweats or dry heaves or panic attacks. I slept peacefully with Henry and Luna on my left side and Bob on my right.  I went to sleep about 9:30 and woke up at quarter to 8:00.  That was because Bob wanted to play. He loves to cuddle in the morning with the ball in his mouth.  If I ignore him he tries to put that nasty ball in my mouth.  He is good at getting me up.  But the sun was up and shining in through the windows, the day had started.  I got up and felt rested.

I fixed breakfast for the kids and myself and here I sit in my red chair, laundry is going, the dish washer is going and Sunday morning with Charles Osgood is on.  This is my favorite way to spend a Sunday.  A cup of tea and Charles Osgood.  I wash my clothes and then fold them while I watch the TV.  I don't know that I would say that Sunday is my day of rest as much as I would call it my day of gratefulness.  I am grateful for this day each week to catch up taking care of my little place, to spend time with my kids, to make it an early evening and enjoy my little world, and then to get to sleep early to start the new week alert and ready.

So as the dryer tumbles and blows hot air on my clothes (too cold and too far of a walk this morning to the clothes lines) I am taking a moment before I clean the kitchen and then fold my clothes.  Just domestic doings.  How lucky to have my own place to take care of.  My mess to clean up.  My kids to hug and love.  Even Marina is feeling affectionate this morning.  That is scary.  She climbed into bed with me this morning and curled up next to me and demanded attention.  She has hair.  This summer she was almost bald, but now that the weather has turned cold, she is once again covered with her sable fur, and she is more affectionate.  

After Charles this morning I will drive over to Janak and Geeta's to share lunch, and then I will head to rehearsals for Steel Magnolia's to see if there is anything I can do to assist the directors and Judy and Denise.  Denise and Pat Cichon will be working on the costumes.    And then this evening I hope to decorate my Christmas tree.

Last year Vicki was here for Christmas.  Dad loved having his two girls back at home.  This year Vicki will be having Christmas at home with her grandchildren, Dad already misses that she will not be here, but he understands.  And Vicki and I had a Christmas tree last year, but we never decorated it or brought it into the house.  We left it in the bucket between the barn and the carport.  Every time we went anywhere we would look at our tree and comment how beautiful it was.  And it was, all the way into April, when I finally put it in the burn pile.  This year I got a 5 foot tree and I plan on bringing it into the house. And decorating it.  And sitting here at night with all the lights off and watch the blinking lights on the tree.  Ornaments sparkling nestled in the green needles.  A velvet skirt wrapped around the base of the tree, a soft green bed to snuggle in presents wrapped in paper and cloth, ribbons flowing off each.  

I used to wrap the trees in garlands of cranberries and popcorn.  After catching Harry standing at the tree chewing the garland and actually turning the tree around as his lips pulled the garland into his mouth.  He spit out the cranberries and swallowed the popcorn and string.  It wasn't pretty when the string had to pass through, so no more garlands of popcorn on the tree.  

I just talked to Vicki she performed her first wedding yesterday.  The wedding sounded perfect and everyone had a wonderful time.  She also said that she and Ken might be able to drive down for a long weekend the end of January.  I hope so, I would love to see her.  

Sunday, the sun is shining and the air is crisp, OK, cold for me.  I will bundle up to go to Janak and Geeta's and then rehearsal.  I will scurry back home and turn on the heater and have a cup of tea.  Snuggle down this evening and enjoy my  Christmas tree.  Maybe I will start working on my Christmas cards.  Tomorrow I will go to see my Radiological Oncologist Dr. Newman.  I am very fond of her and it will be nice to see her again, although I am not sure why.  Charles Osgood is done and time to get going.


  1. I was so happy to see you at rehearsal. When Judy and then Denise and you came in, it was like...sigh...okay. We CAN do this.
    Sometimes I think I love too much the people that I love. And then I look at you and I know that no, that is entirely NOT possible.
    Enjoy your evening with your kids. I will see you in the morning.
    So much love...M

  2. For some reason, reading about your watching your tree with its lights brought tears to my eyes. I must be tired--know that I am--but your little brave self there with the tree just got to me.