Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday morning and a taste of Autumn

From the view of our living room window the sun is bright, the sky is a deep blue and one fat white cloud is moving quickly just above the tree tops.  The trees stand so straight and tall.  Strong sentinels forming the bones of this garden.  I am so physically tired that I should just go back to bed and sleep and rest.  The more I exhaust myself the more I jerk.  Fortunately the jerks make me laugh more than cry.  It is just so weird to just jerk.  Or to wake up and find myself moving my hands in the motion of my dreams.  I don't know why I connect those two things.  I do not know.  And what connection does the view from our living room have anything to do with the others?  Because that view reminds me that it is all good.  That I am so very grateful for everything.  For the trees, for the man who is my partner in life and in this house and land, for the birds, fish and turtles in the pond.  I see so very much from that window.  I see past, present and future out that window.  I watch the seasons come and then slip away from that window.  I see a life's accomplishment.  All I ever wanted was a home with some trees and a garden, a couple of cats and a Labrador.  I wanted a career that I made a difference and a life afterwards that I could then enjoy the rewards.  I was a state employee so I knew it would not be a lot of money.  But my dreams and our money seem to match up just fine. 

I am very aware that while my mind is clearing and my creative side wants to play and make the couch/chair cushion covers, and to plant my plants.  At the same time my body is not as willing.  I even woke up at 4am and took a pain med.  I woke from pain.  My body seems anxious to be done, my soul says 'not yet' .  I think I will walk outside and look at my plants, and then come in and look at the sofa project.  Lets see what adventure I end up with today.

The sweet and beautiful Felicia

Our dear friends, Felicia and Bill

The precious Marty and Shelia

Cypress on St. Marks River

My honey just before he caught a bass

East side of Bellingrath Gardens, looking down onto the estuary.

Hope Marie and I back home where she was created

Bug in front of the east wall with Hope Marie

Blue Angels hanging in the museum

A mermaid fountain graces the end of this pool

Hope Marie

 Monday, a brand new week.  A puzzled and confused person looking forward to all the possibilities I have.  I understand what my limits are, but I don't know what my abilities are, and that will be fun to see what all I can do.  This brand new week.  I feel as old as I am, but with a na├»ve sense of hope. 

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  1. Thank you for two great posts in a row. So uplifting. Such picturesque pictures. HUGS. LN