Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Feeling better

I am spending more time sleeping.  But this morning I woke early and was out of the house, by myself around 8:00am.  I got in the driver's side of the toy and drove the 3+ miles to the Winn Dixie to pick up a few things and to get a calorie filled fast food breakfast.  I walked into the store.  Last week I could not walk.  But Dr. May tried different premeds and I have been taking higher doses of the B vitamin complex.  My feet still feel like they are burning, but that is a million times better then the hornet stings.  I can walk in public without looking like a Tim Conway old man on slow speed.  And actually this feeling is only noticeably worse then before the treatments.  So that is good.  I am sleeping more and getting rest.  Still have digestive issues, and they are trying to take center stage.  The leg and ankle swelling are barely noticeable.  All the sleeping at least keeps my feet up, so there are pluses all in all.

This morning I felt so good.  I was not pain free, and my stomach hurt.  But I felt alive and the discomfort was managed with the drugs.  There was hardly anyone in the Winn Dixie and I had picked up fresh fruit and then stuck to the list and left with energy to spare.  The drive through at BK was packed so I walked inside.  I was the only customer and had my order and was driving away before any of them had moved.  I came home only to find that while Harley had been returned two days earlier, he was again gone.  Edna was sitting just inside the gate waiting for me.  Harley was gone.  Bob was standing at the gate of the dog's fenced yard.  He is a good boy, Bob.  I drove up to the house and told Bug that Harley was gone.  We jumped in the truck and turned left out the gate.  Harley was playing with Gabby in the road together.  We opened the truck door and Harley climbed right in.  We drove home and Harley jump out and ran to the gate to the dog yard where Bob was and acted like he had never left.  I really wouldn't mind him being able to visit the neighbors, but that is not responsible.  Or legally acceptable to let your dog run loose.  But there have been cars, trucks and motorcycles zooming around the corners and I am worried about him getting hit, and well, he just can't run loose.  I wish he could understand this.  He is still young and such a puppy.  The three of them are so happy to be back together.  Harley didn't really seem all that excited to see me, but when we drove into the driveway, he started whining and crawling all over me wanting his brother and sister. 

Having Harley home is also helping to reduce stress and make me feel better.  I am just growing through the growing pains of changing my med schedules.  It takes me more time than it should to adjust physically, mentally and simply working out the math and balance.   This affects my sleep and eating patterns.  I am struggling enough with weight.  If you sleep for two days, that are two days with no fuel.  And trust me my metabolism does not slow down as well as it used to on all these drugs.  I eat like a finicky two year old, and not enough for a full human being.  Even though I am small as the nurses keep commenting on.  I simply show them my hands and elbows which are huge on my thinness.  I really don't want to be this thin.  I would love to be able to eat and enjoy it and have it fuel me.  Or to be able to cook again.  It does not matter, each day is a new journey in the world of eating.

After breakfast I put up my bags of treasures away, emptied the dishwasher (I love our dishwasher) and cleaned the kitchen.  I talked to Bug's dad who just turned 80 and then I laid down.  I finished Billy Bones.  It has been a while since I read this author and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I started Stilthouse and enjoy the voice of this author also.   I am enjoying have the time to read.  But I tend to fall asleep, so that slows down my reading.  But there is just something about reading in the summer, I love so much.

I am feeling hopeful and better.  New problems, but not nearly as difficult as the first ones.  My animals are starting to bond with our new house.  Harley is simply a runner and we will see what comes.  We might have to find him a new home if we can not keep him on our property.  I can't imagine not having him with us, but if I can not keep him safe he can not stay.  I don't take this lightly, obviously.  Edna is still with us.  But this is about his health and safety.  Maybe we can all learn to work this out another way. 

My cousin will be here Tuesday night for a visit.  My brother and his two sons will be here for the weekend.  So lots of visitors.  I will need to rest before, during and after they come.  But I am excited right now.  I felt better today then I have in weeks.  I acted like a real big girl and drove myself to town and shopped and talked to people and walked just like a regular person. 

My sweet honey has been doing everything.  I mean everything.  I would love to be able to do something for us.  But right now I need to close and finish watching Treehouse Master's International.  I just love Pete.  And his cohort in Japan is amazing.


  1. How would you like a white-tuna-sauce-with-spinach lasagna? Sort of a tuna casserole for adults?
    I make a good one if I remember correctly.

  2. Oh Ms Moon, that sounds absolutely amazing. And just at the perfect time. I was starting to falter again on my eating. Just let me know when and I will get my fork!!!
    love you dearly
    love to you and Mr. Moon