Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, May 19, 2014

The weather continues to be glorious.  Friday we took the Harley down to the marina to drop the lift motor.  It was a glorious day of that deepening blue sky of summer and not a cloud in site.  The green this year just catches my breath every time.  Every time I walk outside, or drive down the rode or take a ride through the back woods heading south to the gulf.  The temperatures are 80s heading for 90s.  The humidity has been low but is coming back.  Bug played the perfect riding music and I just held on to him and felt the sun on my face.  What a wonderful life I have.  We had lunch at Oouzes.  Steamed oysters with butter and garlic, fresh out of the smoker mullet and mullet dip.  A cold beer, a glass of red wine and sitting on a bar stool in a biker bar.  Then back on the bike and another gorgeous ride home.  Time spent with my honey and holding on to him on the back of a Harley.  I guess I really don't have to explain what an amazing life I have.

I had about an hour when we got home to get ready to meet Carolyn for the Murder Mystery.  It was a small opening night audience, but a perfect number to test out the family dining style versus the plates set in the kitchen.  I am not saying that this might be a good idea for all productions, but for a Medieval murder mystery, the food and how it was served added to the whole experience.  The play was so much fun.  It is well written and full of great lines.  The Wench expertly played by my very favorite Amanda, works perfectly with the jester.  The third one of this merry group is the monk, Theolonius, and the three of they genuinely look like they are enjoying playing together and I even saw the monk crack up a couple of times which just made it all the more precious to me.  The Queen, our tiny Jan played a very formidable larger then life queen. The prince and princess were fabulously petty shallow characters played by Steven and Steph who really enjoyed getting to be so silly.  They were just wonderful and a lovely couple.  New to me, but not to the Stage Company is the Tax Collector.  He is a Handsome, young leading man type, just perfect as the tax collector.  The hunchback steals the show, or at least the first minute of each act.  But it is how all of these characters interact with each other.  How when you sit and watch this play you have fun because the actors look like they are having fun.  They all look like they love who they get to play and are playing they hearts out, when they aren't laughing their heads off.  At least that is how I felt during the entire performance.  I highly recommend this show, but you need to get your tickets soon, because this show is going to fill up soon.  There are still two weekends left!!  Great Job Judy, Denise, and the rest of the cast and crew.

Oh, the best part of the entire evening is when the person who is murdered kicks the bucket.  Just for that opening night, just for me, they used an actual bucket and the person kicks it.  I love that.  It is such a standard sketch.  Thanks everyone, that was the sweetest thing you could ever do for me!!!

Saturday morning we worked here at the old house.  He packed things for the truck and I spent time with my chickens.  We took it easy in the morning then drove downtown to pick up some things at the Hardware store and Wag the Dog.  Bug found a beautiful set of Lands End curtains that I can use in both the office and the guest room upstairs.  I went over with him to the Casa and Mom/Dad brought over some friends to show them our house.  I was pretty tired so I went back to the old house and Bug continued to work.

Sunday I spent resting.  I watched my Charles Osgood and then worked with the chickens and did a few things here at the old house and then I went to bed.  I slept for hours and then I read in bed and slept a little more.  Bug got home from working at the casa and we got ready for Alex's graduation party picnic.  We drove over to their house which is out in the country, down a long rough dirt road.  At the end of it.  The very end of it.  There I was surrounded by my beloved children.  The Brookins, Alex, Kat and Olivia, the Brittons with all the kids and I was able to tell Damaris how much I loved her as Snoopy in Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.  We sat with the mayor and his dear wife, Denise.  I love to tease Tom about being the Mayor.  He did not run for the job and I know he will be thrilled when he can give it up to someone else.  Everywhere I turned were precious beloved ones, whom I have watched grow up and their amazing parents and dogs who thought we smelled wonderful.  We were there about an hour and that was all I could do.  We came home and I was tired but so happy.  What an amazing community we live in.  The people are positive and supportive and loving and open and welcoming and their children are all above average, to throw in a little Prairie Home.  Which is simply the northern/Lutheran version of this close little place.

This morning I went out to take care of the chickens and ducks.  George is walking outside and hanging out with the ducks.  He is trying to be a regular chicken, but all the other chickens pick on him and peck at him and it just emphasizes his lack of flock.  But he is trying, that is the most important part.  It will be better when Geranium and Gardenia grow up so he has others like himself.  I just love my flock right now.  It is currently made up of three flocks, but they are starting to come together.  The ducks sleep with George in the same part of the coop that the other chickens roost.  The peep flock is so cute with various peeps making friends.  Peony and Rudbeckia hang out together, often on the top of the bunny house.  Periwinkle likes to hang out with the Geranium and Gardenia.  Petunia and Pansy seem to like Daisy and Sunflower and so on.  It will change over and over, but it is nice to feel like you fit in, and they are setting things up now.  The older chickens eat in the same side of the coop that the baby pen is in and they like to watch the peeps in their pen like going to a zoo.  This is the most diverse group of poultry I have ever had.  The older ones and younger ones, the giants and the very tiniest, ducks, egg layers, meat producers, pets, well for me, they are all pets.  Bug keeps eyeing George and talking about eating him.  I keep reminding him that he is my pet.

I am weaker, I am tired, I am wobbly, but life comes to each morning as I wake.  I think one reason I keep insisting on doing things, laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc, is because it is an anchor for me for the real world.  It is hard enough to stay in this reality when you are in pain and taking drugs to confuse your brain about pain.  I guess some people would be happy this last part of their life to be taken care of and to lay around doing who knows what.  But I would rather just live my normal life.  Do those little things we all need to do.  To celebrate the tiny moments of dew on the grass.  Or to turn around and your eye catches a dandelion with its bright yellow flower open and full.  To see my girl, Edna sitting in the back of the truck with a big dog grin from ear to ear.  To hear Willie and Lily as they honk and quack and demand attention.

I am still here. 
I don't know what all I can do any given day, but I am here.
And at this point it is still worth the bit of fight I have to do to get out of the bed in the morning.  As much as it would be easier to just give in, sometimes working or even fighting to stay alive I think is worth while.
For now.
For now I am happy and we are getting close enough to move.  The kitchen will be done today!!!
Next?  We will see

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