Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It has been an odd day

In honor of my daughter getting ready for finals! - Bill  ;-)
Ever had this feeling?

Bill & Corrie / Taste & See
This morning on the way to Thomasville for my PetScan I saw a plane driving north on US 19.  I calmly turned to my honey and said, "there is a plane driving up 19"  Of course his response was, "what?"  So we drove back around the circle and what should be reaching the circle at the same time as we were?  Yes, that is right, have I already told you this?  It was the plane.  It was partially taken apart and was on a trailer so that the top wing stood up on one side, and the other wing precariously close to the asphalt.  It was at an angle, but it still better then filled up 2 lanes of traffic.  They had two spotter trucks in front and one in the back.  It was very festive with all the blinking lights and we waved the plane on ahead of us and pulled in behind the back spotter.  Unfortunately, just as we got into position, and could no longer turn in any direction, the plane got stuck on a magnolia branch on the northeast side of the court house.  With much pointing by the spotter truck men now standing in the road, and the tractor/trailer driver inching forward and backwards.  They finally freed the plane with out much damage to either it or the magnolia.  The time it took to free the plane allowed all the people in downtown Monticello to grab their phones and cameras and get a photo.  We saw Amber from the Monticello paper was there so I would expect that it will be on the front page of the Friday paper.  We don't have a Thursday paper.
The spotters, tractor/trailer with plane and all started driving up 19 heading for Georgia and it was like a mini parade.  We rolled our windows down and waved at all our neighbors who meet downtown each morning for coffee and got to enjoy the place.  Of course it was a short parade, even throwing ourselves in it like we did. 
I was still a few minutes early to my appointment at the hospital and did the whole  check yourself in with the computer.  Ms June came and got me and we had a nice chat as she prepared me for the test.  As we walked into the dark space there was another man sitting there getting up and grumbling that he had been held here for days in the dark and needed to pee!  Ms June explained what was going on in the tone that one uses when you repeat the same thing over and over.  I just got my pillow and warmed blankets she had left for me arranged and settled in.  I still needed her to put my feet up and hook up the IV, but other then that I was set.  A few minutes later Ms Cindi came in.  She hugged me before she went to get my radioactivity.  Then she went to take the man into the machine, but he was not there because Ms June had put him in the bathroom.  But Ms Cindi had just come by the bathroom and no one was there, the door was open.  Oops, lost radioactive man lost in the hospital.  I started giggling and then outright laughing and hooting at what a morning I was having.  First a plane driving up 19 and now a lost radioactive man who needs to go pee pee.  I told them what he was wearing, they couldn't remember.  He had big strange hair I could not tell you what was in or on it.  He had on camo pants and a white shirt that on the back in big green letters, "God is always Good".  They looked at me a little oddly with my description, but I was an inspector and he was unusual looking.  I reminded them he was wearing camo so might be hard to find.  But they did find him lost in a dark hallway.  I heard them call for the special clean up crew.  I guess he might not need to pee anymore, bless his heart. 
Okay, so three blogs back to back.  One that was only photos, but hey, just think of this one as an extra smile. 
I know I have laughed all day. 
I have not taken any pain pills today.  It was hard at times, but I don't remember feeling pain when I was laughing.
Tomorrow I need to get everything ready for the girls.
But I also need to rest.

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