Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday part two, Are we having fun yet?

When I got here today Dad was moving a little slow, but I didn't think much about it, because he has such horrible arthritis in his back.  He has had his back fused twice, but it just crumbles and breaks on either sides of the titanium rods.  Well, he had fallen a the doctors, and now this evening/night his knees are freezing up and the dear man is in pain.  I mean major, hydrocodone ain't touching it pain.  This is not the best way to start a trip across the pond.  I can't even imagine how much he is going to hurt being cramped up in those airplane seats.  

But we are pretty much packed, we will leave tomorrow at 9.  My oldest brother, whom I still refer to as my big brother, is driving us to the airport.  I wish we could postpone this trip until he has healed from this fall, but that is not the way it works, so off we will go.

Tonight we went out to dinner with one of my sister in laws and then Dad had bought flowers for Marie, his girlfriend of like 7 or 8 years now.  He had meant to take them to her earlier when he saw her, but forgot.  So after dinner we drove over to see her and give her the flowers.  My dad is sweet like that.  He buys her flowers every couple of weeks.  The poor dear can barely walk this evening, but he was set on getting her the flowers.

Packing has been a trip.  He had been telling me that he was packed, but when I got here there were 3 pairs of pants in the suitcase and the rest of the bag was filled with presents for our friends.  I transferred all but one present to my suitcase.  I have no idea why my suitcase, half the size of his held all of my clothes and all of the presents.  I guess it is just magic.  Then I got the rest of his clothes out, rolled up in the space bags and packed.  He still has a few things that he can not put in until the morning, but we are 90% ready.  Now I am going to get him in his chair with a soda or something to drink and some ice on his knee and I am going to bed.

Sweet dreams,
Are we having any fun yet?  

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  1. Have a good trip. I hope that your dad will be okay. Hopefully, you will be able to let your readers know that all is well.