Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Additional post to Challenges

We will be walking a few blocks away to the plaza where I saw the Flamenco singer to one of the little tapas bars for dinner.  Luis and Josafino were nervous because Dad had a very hard fall on the tile floors.  He was very very upset and could not get off his knees.  He had crawled quite aways trying to find something to help him up.  I had the airconditioner in my room on and my door shut and did not hear him fall.  Luis heard him cry out and came for me.  I am afraid to go against my father when he is down and to try and get him up.  He yells,¨no,no¨so I stop.  Luis does not understand English and just pulled him up with no problem.  I turned the air off, and opened the window, it was very cool and a beautiful night, well, except for all the city noises I am not used to.  But this way I could hear him when he opened his door to go to the bathroom and I got up each time to help him up and down the stairs.  This morning I asked if we could move Dad from the guest room to Luis Jrs room where there are no steps to the bathroom and the same number of steps to the elevator.  They said fine, and now he is doing much better.  Luis comes up to get him on the elevator and helps him up and down.  This is a huge help for me, and Luis loves my father so much.   

Also ¨doctor¨Luis and I as the assistant looked at Dad´s hand.  It is ugly, but not so bad as a real doctor could help, so Luis fixed him right up, then pulled out a huge knife.  I knew what he was doing so I put a cutting board under Dad´s arm and we argued where we should cut the arm off.  I said he could not wear the watch where Luis wanted to cut, so he moved the knifed down a bit and said he could wear it on the knub.  Luis and I laughed and laughed, Dad looked stunned at us, then threw his hands up and walked to the living room, he knew we were kidding, I hope.  hee hee

This afternoon I took a long siesta, my nights of sleep are very broken listening to noises I am not used and for sleeping lightly to listen for  Daddy.  So the siesta was wonderful.  Now Ana is home to translate and Dad is up and Luis is taking him on a tour of the pool area.  Dad has seen it before, but not for years and the olive trees are doing so well, and it is gorgeous.  Here are some closeups I did not include earlier:

The olive trees

The flowers in these pots hang down over the front of the house.

Dinner here is late, usually 10:00 or later.  But they are good to me, and we eat early, about 9:30.  Tonight because we go to a tapas bar, we will be able to eat ¨early¨again tonigt.  Off to see the family and then show Ana my blog.  

But for a treat, here is a link showing you an art project that the Institute of Art here in Badajoz, that Luis is the head of did.  It is art for the people.  He is very respected and a wonderful artist, and he loves his cigars.  I will post more links and photos later.

So adios, from this beautiful country for now, I hope to have time tomorrow to post again.  It helps me to remember all the wonderful things I am getting to do.  I am so grateful for this opportunity, and for this time spent with my father, and for time with these very beloved people of ours.  And all my love to you my dear beloved ones, I miss you and hope that someday we can come back together here.

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