Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Computer

Here I am using  my new computer.  It is not completely set up, but as far as Bug could take it.  We will have to take it back to have my files transferred from my old hard drive to this one.  Bug tried to do it, but this has the new windows operating system and it does not seem to understand my old system, but I am sure that the tech people we bought this from will be able to take care of everything.  One step at a time.  Thank goodness my Sweetie is good with computers and electronic doo hickeys to handle this kind of stuff.  I do not have the patience or the brain power to deal with these things.  Sigh, I love him. 

Friday we drove the truck down to St Marks and picked up the boat getting ready for our trip to Key West.  It was a coolish day (in other words cold for me) but that blue sky that we get in autumn and winter.  It was breezy so we went to the Riverside Café in the boat and had fish sandwiches and then headed up the St. Marks River.  It was a short trip, but perfect. We took the Harley down to St. Marks yesterday for the Stone Crab Festival, and yes, there was eating of stone crabs.  It was beautiful, fun and what a special place St. Marks is.  After the stone crab claws we headed back home with a large smoked mullet safely stowed away that we had bought at Ootz's to watch college football.  There was a block party downtown Monticello, but I had dressed as a wench, or the Mother Mary to give candy out at the Garden Club booth down town, and really I was costumed out.  What?!?!?!?!  Say it ain't so.  Yes, I was tired and was enjoying the football games and was peopled out.

Today after watching Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, we took the Toy down the scenic Old St Augustine Road, picked up my computer, got some screws for one of Bug's projects and I picked up some stain for a rocking chair I have been working on.  Then we went to Costco "for lunch" and to pick up wine.  Our lunch consisted of tasting the food at the food booths and we bought dinner tonight based on those taste booths.  Some kind of lamb shank for Bug cooked in red wine or something, he enjoys that kind of thing.  Spinach and mozzarella stuffed raviolis for me.  I enjoy that kind of thing.  After Costco we hit Wally world for ping pong balls and yarn and then home for NFL games.  Yep, I love football. 

Yesterday before we left for the Stone Crab Claw Festival we looked around and no Harley.  The automatic gate has been acting up lately and somehow had opened up.  Harley had run.  Bug, Bob and I jumped on the golf cart and headed out calling for our new little boy.  Thank goodness we did not name him Norton.  I would have to have driven around yelling "Norton" out.  Bob got excited and we let him out of the golf cart and he led us to where we found Harley.  Bob was cheered as a hero and he loved every minute of it.  He then ram all the way home showing Harley the way.  We rode along next to them cheering them on.  Those two boys of our are so gorgeous.  Lean, muscled running machine, that what those two labs are.  They raced and stretched out their long legs and ran until they foamed at the mouth.  I think they would have run until they dropped if we let them.  We have been talking to Harley about what it means to be a family.  About how running away is not safe because he does not know what is out there.  He can not know that people would not love him and feed and let him sit in their lap, like we do.  We know he is happy.  We know that Harley loves all of us and we all love him.  But he has not been raised to understand living together as a family.  He knows what it means to be locked up and to run, but not to just be a part of a family of humans, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and chickens. Maybe he will learn.  He had not seemed to want to go near the gate when we first brought him home.  Now he has found a home he is not aware that he must stay and participate as a member of this family.  That he can not just go.  He is young.   Hopefully he will learn before he leaves one time and we never get him back.  That would break our hearts.  He stole our hearts from the moment we met him.  I see how he looks at Bug.  He adores him.  But he just doesn't understand the concept of "home"

Well, my hair is still blond, but I have not blown dry it since I got home, so it is out of my eyes, and it is not so big, but other then that it doesn't look that different then before.  I don't mind.  I am so glad that it isn't so big and I like the blond.  It is one of the colors my hair already was, so it looks sort of the same, only not so many different colors, now different hues.  I will try and get a picture and post it, but just haven't gotten anything so far. 

It is warming up a bit so that it will be in the upper 70s next week here.  We are heading south and so it should be warmer there.  YEA!!!!!  Have I ever mentioned I do not like the cold?

Got to run.  Things to do, but wanted to make a note of this day.

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