Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life just keeps getting better

I woke up this morning engaged to the most amazing and wonderful man.  He was sleeping so sweetly next to me, breathing that sleep breath that lolls me to sleep.  It is the dearest lullaby to me, the sound of my loved one's regular sleep breathing.  On the other side of the bedroom door the house is filled with lullaby's as Bob and Edna, asleep next to each other.  Henry and Luna asleep in the guest room, Marina on her box in the hall, Stella next to Bob and Edna.  Their child like breathing filling the house with the sweet song of love and sleep.  Life is so amazing.

I woke up this morning around 4 am with my head swimming with marriage thoughts.  Bug was awake, his head filled with boat thoughts.  Bug was followed home by a 2009 19 foot Carolina Skiff Elite with a 115 Yamaha.  It was our Valentine present.

He loves his new boat.  He is taking an Internet course on boating safety.  He already holds his certificate for boating safety, but he thought it would be a good idea to take a refresher and to learn about Florida regulations.
And now I am watching him as he learns all about his new boat, motor, electronics such as the Loran C with GPS and he is so happy.  That makes me happy.  I will be even happier when w finally get some boating weather and I am standing next to him as he takes her out the first time and sees what she can do.  Bob and Edna have never been in a boat.  I think they are going to love this.
It is now my joy to plan our wedding.  He is so sweet, he says, I don't want anything fancy or big........unless you do."  I assured him that no, I do not want anything big or fancy.  Just a cover dish dinner with all our friends and loved ones who can be here as Vicki performs the 5 minute ceremony that publicly announces what we have already whispered to each other.  We are committed to each other. 
How can one life be so filled with such joy, such love, so many many wonderful precious people????? I have no idea why, but I have been given the most amazing life.  And I have met someone who also has had an amazing life.  Challenges, we have been lucky to have challenges.  They have helped us to see and live our lives to the fullest.  I can't believe I found him.  I can't believe that I have been given a chance to live this time of my life with this truly amazing man.
But the wedding:
When?  As soon as his parents and my Dad can be here
Where?  Here at our house, of course
Who?  Vicki will marry us and hopefully all of the people who know us that can be here will be here
What?  A celebration of spring and love
How?  Bug's parents are on their way across the country so as soon as his Mom gets here we will sit down together and start working out ideas.
Will there be music?  Well there will be canned music, live music?  Hmmmm we will see if anyone is available
Flowers?  Of course in my hair, in my arms and wherever else I can fit them; I can get these at Costco
Cake?  I need to get a hold of a couple of friends who do cakes and see who would be available
Tokens?  Bubbles and bells; OTC is on the Internet
Food? Cover dish
Beverages?  We have already started getting wine.  Champagne for a toast, beer and an open bar at the new Turtle shell pub.  Just need to pick up the champagne
Dress?  He asked me if I wanted him to wear his uniform.  I told him that I wanted him to wear whatever made him feel comfortable.  I was thinking of a pair of blue jeans and a Harley shirt;  He asked me if I wanted a fancy wedding dress.  No, I want to wear my white silk 1920s Gatsby dress.  It is wedding looking, but comfortable and simple and I bought it for an Opera House New Year's Event and I love it, so that quickly solves that situation.
Rings?  Bug is giving me his grandmother's wedding band.  It is a simple, delicate platinum band with a little etching on it.  Bug had said he wanted to take me to get a diamond.  I said I didn't want one, instead I would rather wear my grandmother's engagement ring with his grandmother's wedding band.  That just seems right.  He saw the ring and agreed.  We did look at rings yesterday quickly.  It was a jewelry store that sells sparkly huge rocks.  There wasn't a ring in the cases that I could picture on my hand.  We both agree that the grandmother's rings are perfect.  I am not saying that he can't buy me other jewelry, but my rings are set. 
But what about him?  He does a lot of mechanical work and work with his hands so I didn't know if he even wanted to wear one.  I looked at a lot of rings last night and I think we will settle on a Celtic band.  Vicki will be doing a Celtic based ceremony for us, so it is very fitting.
What if I need to get this together in a couple of weeks?  We can do that.  I mean really as long as we get the license everything else will fall into place.  I am not going to stress over this.  We just going to enjoy the time with our precious ones.
I have Stage 4 lung cancer.  I a 57 years old and I am getting ready to marry the man of my dreams.  And then we are going to take a 2 month honeymoon.  We are going to take off in the 5th wheel with a Harley in the back and spend time together.  Okay we will start our marriage with a 2 month honeymoon, but if the coming years are anything like the previous year, the honeymoon isn't going to end.
I am happy, so very very happy.
I am in love and I get to plan our wedding
and then, I get to continue this amazing and wonderful wife with him.
How wonderful is life!!!!!
I guess I need to go on a link and find out what we need for our license.


  1. How exciting! I think a simple wedding surrounded by friends is perfect. And a two-month honeymoon that never ends??? Hooray!

  2. Congrats to you and your love!

  3. I am so delighted for you to hear the news of the coming wedding... what joy and love you shared with us all..I have never met you,but over the last year I have watched your journey, and if anyone deserved a great man to have by her side you do!!! all the very best to both of you, wonderful that you are both so happy and loving and close and full of optimism for the future... you are one amazing woman!! Glad to read your blog, keep them coming, and so, here I am sending you a million hugs from over the pond..janzi!

  4. I just love you and am so glad to hear the wedding announcement and that you are so happy! Thanks for sharing your life through your beautiful writing.

  5. Wow!!!!! Aawesome and I am so happy for you.

  6. That is great! So happy for you both.