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Sittin On A Porch
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Off on a new adventure.......tomorrow

I have been packed since we got back from our vacation up the Eastern seaboard.  Actually, I unloaded the dirty clothes out of the suitcase into the washer.  Washed, dried and folded, many of the same clothes went straight back in the suitcase.  I am so excited.  Well, who wouldn't be?  I mean we are getting ready to ride cross county from Florida over to CA, then up through OR, into WA state and maybe even into Canada, maybe.

I have criss crossed this country visiting 49 of the 50 states.  The only state missed is Hiawii, but as I was saying, I have driven across the country by plane, by VW Camper bus, a Saturn SC2 and in my parents station wagon, but so far, I have never crossed the country on a Harley Davidson.  I have driven an equivelant number of miles across AK on a BMW, but still not the same thing.  I have bought a big girl jacket.  It weighs as much as I do, I think. I have taken the lining out, so that helps a bit.  It is all weather proof, with vents in the front and back and the sleeves.  It is gortex so I can literally roll across an interstate at 70 mph and not loose a piece of skin.  I might only be a bag of broken bones if that were to happen, but I would not be covered in road rash.  It is made to ride from the heat to the very cold.  It says Harley Davidson on it, and it might be the most expensive jacket I have ever bought.  Shoot, even at almost 50% it was still by far the most expensive coat I have ever bought myself, it might be as expensive as all the jackets I have bought myself in the past 5 years.  But it is so cool.  And all I will have to do to remember this trip is to slip that monster Big Girl Jacket on.

We leave tomorrow and will be back in time for me to spend a week with Vicki and Nancy on St. George.  I have such an amazingly life.  Anyway, VIcki and Nancy sent us a troll doll to take on the trip with us.  He was a simply troll, blue hair, a football in his right hand, and a pair of white sports pants with a red stripe.  We worked with him to get him ready for the trip.  Here are a few pictures of the troll, now known as The Troll, Skulman:

With his "colors" on, not really, it is a group of Veterans

Skulman standing with the Sangria Bandit Veterans Riders Group from Europe. 

On the bike ready to go

In his rain suit
So Skulman is ready and on the bike.  I told OB I was going to get Skulman a rain suit.  He asked in bewilderment, "Are you making him a rainsuit now????"  I laughed and pulled out the ziplock bag, "No, this will work just fine."

I have also put a couple of stickers on my new helmet:

There is also a peace sign on the back and on the visor
And we have worked on the bike and the trailer and we are set.  The map looked at and routes planned, back up routes planned and back up routes to the back up routes planned.

A friend of OB's is riding with us for the first leg to Shreveport, LA.  Sparky and OB have been friends for a while but I think this is their first trip this long.  It should be fun!!!!

I will try and post on the road as we go along and attach photos of Skulman as he flies across the country on a big red Harley.  Life is wonderful. 
Oh yes it is!!!


  1. Have huge, big fun! See you when you get home!

    1. You go girl! Have a great time. Be safe. I'm SOOO happy for you. Enjoy!

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  3. Y'know, Kathleen, every now and then a name pops into your head and you think, "I wonder what happened to...?" And then through the magic of the internet, sometimes you find a city or a state, or some linky-linky thing.

    And then there is you. Wow.

    You go, Girl. Go and go and go! And if you pass through west-central Montana, look me up. I'm not hard to find.

    Cam (formerly from SC, you may recall)

  4. Cam, I knew who you were as soon as I saw Cam. You are my only friend named Cam. It is great hearing from you. My email address is Drop me a note with your email address so I can hear the story about how you have gone from SC to MO. We are having the best time and have put about 3500 miles on the Harley so far. Still about 4500 more to go by the time we get home. It is as wonderful as I had dreamed it would be traveling across the county playing "opposum girl". Take care, and I would love to keep in touch with you. You were the only one in our EPA group that was as crazy as I am! hee hee

  5. WIll do. I'm in Great Falls this week, looking for an invasive dryland snail. I can't believe that they pay me to drive the back roads of Montana, through the mountains and across the plains, and all I have to do is stop every few miles and survey the gorgeous scenery. (You know there's more to it than that, but still...)

    A longer replay when I get back.

    Take care,