Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring babies

Babies are precious anytime, but spring babies are just so special.  And here at Labrun we have our newest babies.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin are busy feeding an unknown number of little bluebird babies.  Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Azure and Cobalt) are bluebirds, but they live in my Martin home, so I have just assumed that they must have Martin as their last name to feel so at home where they are.  I love to get up in the morning and sit on my back porch with a cup of tea and listen to the wispy sawing noise of the babies everytime a parent sticks it's head into their little home.  Such a perfect spring.

I am still in hiding.  I am finding it even harder to attend rehearsals and go out into public.  I simply want to be at home.  I want to have my hands up to my elbows in dirt.  I want to be outside and in the spring air.  The pollen rich, blue sky cool spring air.  I have put in veggies in my garden.  Tomatoes (of course), eggplants, cucumbers, peppers.  My yard long beans are sprouting, I am waiting for soy beans, carrots and radishes.  I know not all of these plants do well in summer, but I had the seeds and just went a little crazy. 

My flower gardens, or what is left of them after my hiatus of the past few years and the chickens attention to them, are hanging in there.  It is starting to bloom, but instead of waves of flowers there is one here, one there.  But that gives me time to see what I want to keep, and what I want to move.

I am busy working on the Murder Mystery.  I am working on makeup and latex, postcards and my own costume.  I am working on projects around the house.  And I am taking walks.

Wednesday OB and I rode over to Apalachicola on his red Harely.  It was a perfect glorious day.  The weather was cool, but sun filled, the traffic not so bad and we flew over the bridges.  It was a great break from my self imposed solitude.  We wandered through antique and junk stores.  It was as relaxing as sitting on the deep sand of St. George Island having a drink at the Blue Parrot. Which we did.  I kept waving up at the cameras hoping that maybe Nancy in Indiana would be looking at the cam corder at that moment.  Finally the waitress explained that most the places I was waving were not cameras.  Oh, well.  But it so relaxing, and yet I was glad to get home and close the gate again.

I don't know why I am hiding.  I just am.  I did go out last night to The Wharehouse to see a new theater group's first show.  Dr. Faustus by Christopher Morely.  We walked into the wharehouse and it was a pool hall.  Lenny and I did not look like we belonged in there.  A tall thin man ran up to us.  He looked like he could kill us with a tire iron as well as talk to us.  He smiled pleasently and asked if we were looking for the play.  We said we were and he showed us where to go.  Everyone in the wharehouse were really nice people.  It was just surreal to walk into a bar/poolhall when looking for a play.  A play in 1602 English, which I only barely understood.  But it was an interesting evening.  The folding chairs were not very comfortable, but the play was so well done that it was hard to notice. 

Friday Jan and I worked on the postcards, Saturday OB and I drove east and west on Hwy 90 where the annual flea market across Florida was taking place.  We founds lots of chickens, and plenty of things we could not live without.  It was a gorgeous day to jump in and out of the toy.  To slip along the black ribbon of a state highway with blue skies above, and clusters of yard sales that had sprouted up along the sides of the roads.  It was a full day of yard saling, and more yard sales then I have ever gone to.  I had fun.  I cam home with some great treasures.

Today is Sunday and after  lovely walk this morning, I have been working around the house, getting ready to head to Atlanta and work on the Murder Mystery trying to download heart beat sound effects.  I am at rehearsal, but as soon as rehearsal is over, Carolyn and I are heading to Atlanta for a couple of days.  OB is watching the animals before he heads off to a couple of bike rallies later this week. 

Sorry, I am still laying pretty low.  It is not that I don't love all of my friends and family.  I do.  But for now, I am spending time on myself.  Time that I have long ignored for myself.  Love to all of you.......from a little quiet and maybe a little confused me.  Learning about my life and what I want to be, where I want to go, what will be next.  I have always been so busy doing as much as I could do.  Now, I am trying to learn.....what?  I don't know.  But life is changes, and I am changing.
hope to be back soon.

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