Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, May 9, 2011


I only worked until 1:15 p.m. today.  I have a full staff so there is no reason for me to stay any later.  I  set a number of tasks and when they were completed I left.  I drove to Wally world to get gas, $3.84 per gallon.  Then straight home to get some things done.  Trim back bamboo, a little weeding here, a little weeding there, I put the shepherd hooks up, planted some plants around the hook in the front yard then hung the bird bell and on the other side a hummingbird feeder.  They just seemed to go together.  One looks like a bird, the other feeds the birds.

Then I attached another hook to next to the back steps to the back deck.  I wedged it in to the railing, nailed it on and then wrapped chains around the upright almost to the hook.  I was going to hang the bird bell there, but I was just not strong enough to lift it that high.  That would be an amazing location to see the bell every time I walk up the stairs and it would be so beautiful there.  I will have to get a manly man to come over and help me to hang the bells.  I think that the bell is too low.    But it is up and the sound, heavenly.

I hung the other bell a week or so ago and it is a lovely location, but too low, and too far away from the house to easily ring as often as i want to hear it.

This is the bell that sounds like a buoy.  It is also a little low and does not pick up the wind enough to ring on its own, so I will move it closer to the house and higher up.  Isn't it lovely and rustic.  I am considering painting a peace sign on this one, or maybe an "ohm" sign.  It just looks just fine the way it is, but it also looks like it could be hippied up a bit, or specialized with a tiny enhancement.  

It felt good to work today and then accomplish the tasks and come home.  Don't stay wearing myself out each passing hour.  And then to get home early enough and without being so tired to be able to get a few things accomplished in the yard.  And I did not work too hard.  Just stretched a bit.  I planted the little back garden to the west side of the back steps.  I already have slender leafed sunflower there.  An aggressive plant that grows to about 6 - 8 feet tall and in August/September it puts out sprays of small yellow sunflower like flowers.  I planted it in this bed 2 years ago.  The first year I let it go, but it was too tall and flopping over for that location.  The next year I started trimming it back and that was really filling out the space, but then I got a little carried away and cut too much at one time and they died back.  But they are starting to come back, so they run along the back of this garden.  The next layers of plants is red salvia and milkweed.  Both the scarlet variety and the golden yellow one.  Next layer is red vinca with gold lantana, then across the front of the bed is a running plant that produces yellow flowers.  It will be beautiful this summer, if the bunnies don't eat all the plants.  They have already eaten the salvia I put there before, but they don't seem to like milkweed or the slender leafed sunflower.  I attached the hook above this garden right at the stairs.  

I also planted a red diplandia to climb up the double hook in the front yard and coleus of 2 varieties each with a reddish color circling the hook.  Tomorrow I would like to get the rest of the impatients planted.  I have both a shade variety and a sun loving variety.  I plan to plant some of the sun loving ones in hanging pots on my back deck.  they will get sun, sightly filtered, but still very bright.  This weekend I hope to get more azaleas planted in the front and then move the day lilies and daffodils planted where I want the azaleas.  

This weekend is also the Mayhaw Festival at Golden Acres Farm.  Bobbie Golden is the Treasurer for our Garden Circle.  She has invited the Circle to have a booth to talk about our garden circle and invite interested ladies into coming and joining us.  We are also selling Atlas Garden gloves.  We are getting a good deal on them, and most of the money we will earn from selling the gloves will go to send a camper to 4H camp.  So it looks like a win win situation.  Georgie and I are going to sit at the booth on Sunday from 12 - 2.

The rash is becoming a bit of an annoyance.  It starts on my fingers and spreads all the way up to my shoulders, tiny red dots.  In some places there are so many red dots it looks like a burn.  And now starting on my toes and running up my feet and half way to my knees the rash is spreading from there.  it is also across my cheeks and nose.  Not that visible, but it is inside my nose also and there it has become infected and is painful.  The doctor has called in a prescription for a cream to help the rash.  I will pick it up tomorrow, and in the meantime I am using antibiotic ointment to try and hold it at bay.  

It is not the "cancer" that is so hard to live with here.  It is the symptoms of the meds.  Of course, if I didn't have the meds

It has been a lovely day.  It is getting into the mid 90s, but I dress for the heat, I move slower, drink plenty of water and work in the shade as often as possible.  And I love it.  Once I have retired I can get up early and work outside when it is still cool and then make accomplishments in the house and rest during the middle of the day, then back outside in the coolness of the evening  on my days off.  I am so looking forward to retiring and having more time for myself.  Time to do those little ordinary things we all should do.  

The bells are hung.
I spent some time gardening.
the bells are hung.  
I can ring them anytime I want.  
And they ring out so clear and beautiful.


  1. Those bells are nice. I like that they sound like a buoy. How neat is that. You will enjoy retirement. I highly recommend it!